Oh hii It is been a while since I last blog about outfit post on my blog 🤣 I did want and try to mix more different type of topic in my blog. So hope you guys don't mind and still like to read about the outfit blog that I blog about. 

Today's outfit is actually quite fun and something I want to do for some time. This outfit is bought from Taobao and I saw back to school look quite in trend. I also looking for a grey blazer that is not too oversize and when I saw this, immediately I add to the cart and wait for a good time to buy it! Hahaha and I'm glad I bought it on time and able to share this outfit and the "Sakura" scene with you all🤭

By the time we visit the place with Tecoma Flowers, the flowers are almost gone due to rain for the last few days. I'm feeling a bit sad about it because not able to visit them soonest but I'm glad when we are at the second spot here near Sentul, we are able to spot some trees here. We are also trying our best to shoot some nice photos of me with the flowers.

Seeing this view makes me miss Japan so much when my first trip is to decide to enjoy Sakura flowers in Tokyo. It has been my most memorable memories and you can search sakura in my blog and you can read through my experience when I visit Japan for Sakura!!🌸

In this area, they are not many blossom trees here as well. But we just tried our best to capture most of it. You can walk along the road to enjoy some Tecoma Flower views as well. Let me know which direction of me with Tecome Flower path are nicer!

This outfit just matches the view of this blossom Tecoma Flowers.  This grey uniform set is more to a lighter grey tone which is not too overpowering but gives some gentle soft Japanese girl look. I do hope that I wear softer color socks for this look but this is the literal one-pair of high knee socks that I had hahaha!

You can see that my black high knee socks literally just disappear with the tree haha! This is also another tree with pretty blossom Tecoma flowers. 

Some of the best and closer shots of me with the Tecoma Flowers! Often I feel that my husband is too focus to capture the entire picture of an object but the picture might look much better when you come closer 🤭  I feel that I'm in Japan when the sun hit me too bright hahahaha! If you are curious whether I wear safety pants, the answer is yes because there are safety pants inside the skirt. The design and cutting of the whole fit are super nice!! I am able to wear it comfortably during the whole shooting.

Oh ya, the tie is come together with the set hahaha! When you purchase you can select whether to buy each separately or in a set. My inner white polo is also one of my favorite recent hauls from Taobao. I think I been wearing this polo tee to match with a lot of outer and vest. It's my best investment top for the last few months. 

And yes you might have noticed I bleach and color my hair! 🌸 And I rush to shoot this look with my new hair the next day luckily we still able to see some Tecoma Flowers and do this shooting! Although I do wish to come earlier well I have no choice due to I'm working the last weekend.  My new color is this pretty Ash Lavender color that makes me look like Rosé from Black Pink. I'm totally obsessed with my new hair color. It changes in different lighting and angle ❤️

End my post with some random shots for this look with Tecoma Flower. I think these shots we took when we are finding for some nice angle with the flower. We can even take nicer photos if we manage to catch full blooms of the Tecoma Flowers. Nevertheless, I still love all the shots here! Hope you all like my new hair color and my first OOTD post with this hair!

If you are curious about where to find the Tecoma Flower, you may check out this website.

Outfit Details

Blazer + Skirt + Tie | Taobao
White polo top | Taobao
Knee Socks | Daiso
Sneakers | FILA


Till Then.


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