Today I will be blogging about my Day 5 visit to Chidorigafushi for another Sakura Viewing! This is my second place to visit sakura and I am definitely feeling excited! Visiting Chidorigafushi is out of our plan, as we plan to visit Mt Fuji during our visit to Tokyo. But due to the gloomy weather and cloudy sky, it was best not to visit Mt Fuji since you will return disappointed.

I do hope that one day I am able to visit Mt Fuji with a clear sky and beautiful weather. So when I do my research and knew that Chidorigafuchi was best to know for Sakura viewing too. If you would like to know where the best Hanami place for sakura viewing, you can read here.

What if collagen has been made to jelly? In this post, I will introduce two types of jelly from LENNOX. One is Fiber Jelly with Probiotics and another is their Collagen Jelly with Ceramide. Both of them are my current favorite nutrients food that I need every day. Read more to know more about what's their benefits and why I love them so much!

If you have been following my social media, you will know that I have been to Japan recently. Although I do not visit many places in Tokyo but it has been a fulfilling trip, my dream is to travel at least one time a year. Never been imagine I can visit to Japan so soon because it was quite a expensive trip I could say since I am quite a shopaholic and Japan is a Shopping Palace for me as well! Everything is so cute, so nice, limited edition only at Japan!! It makes me wanted to stay there forever.

Today I will blog about my experience I have in Japan, it was based on my own experience during this 6 days 5 nights stay at Tokyo. There was some happy and sad moments too. Happy was I was able to visit Sakura never I thought I will have the chance to see sakura with my eyes this soon! The view of the sakura is amazing and never will I forget in my life. Sad is I feel that there is not enough time for me to visit more places at Japan, there are so many places to visit but little time I have. Never mind I just have more excuses to travel to Japan again next time!

Who doesn't like and enjoy a shower after returning home from a tiring day? Today I want to blog about Parrot Botanicals Shower Care products that will make your shower more enjoyable and smell good. I enjoy a good shower that makes my body smooth and smells good. All these products from Parrot Botanicals are my new favorite shower products.

Hi guys, my first post for Tokyo will be my outfit post! I guess this will be a easy start for me to start my Tokyo post. Its been like a dream while I travelling to Tokyo. The place and sakura everywhere keep me in awe every time I see it. Plus the purpose I wanted to travel to Japan is to see Sakura, that is why I have been to total 3 best hanami spot for sakura viewing in this 6 days trip. Although the crowds is darn crazy, but still it does not stop me taking photos and having the love for all the sakuras.

Finally gonna share my 7 Days 6 Night Itinerary post about my trip to Japan during their sakura period. My Airasia flight was 2:30pm from KLIA 2 to Haneda Airport on the 29th March. We reached there around 10:30pm according to Japan time. Usually is up to you whether you wanted to stay nearby the airport or the capsule they provided for the first night you arrived in Japan. Basically the Day I was on the plane for 7 hours and we rush to our Airbnb Place at Asagaya Station reach there around 12:30am

Remember to booked 6 nights not 5 nights, we making some mistake and luckily the Airbnb host let us to stay another night because we had some miscommunication. Basically I have share my experience about the transportation and accommodation I have stay during my trip. You can refer back to this post here to read again. I kinda not recommend my Airbnb Listing because is better to plan your accommodation near to Tokyo Metro. 

The advantages of my Airbnb Listing is they provided us pocket wifi together and consider cheap during stay period for Sakura Season. Disadvantages is they only reachable by JR Line, if you have plan your Itinerary near to all the Famous Tourist spot in Tokyo, better to find accommodation near to Tokyo Metro Line.
Hi guys, will continue to blog my journey after visiting Ueno Park. Next we will be having our lunch nearby and visiting Ameyoko street and we got most our Japan snack at this street too. But I only manage to get for my own and family only. The snack you can get from the store you can mention it was by far the cheapest snacks you can get with Free Tax when you bought over 5000 yen too.

The map of Taito City.
Hi guys, a beauty review is up and sponsor by Natta Cosme. Thanks for their love always sponsor their wonderful product to us! This time Natta Cosme introduce a super cute product by Miss Hana. Their Lip Balm Crayon is really a cute and nice product to use. I have been using many Miss Hana product such as their eyeliner and some of their lips product. I am very happy because have the chance to try Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon.

Have you ever think of Lip Balm came with Crayon design? What is crayon to you guys? When we are still in primary school, we always use crayon during Arts period. It always been my favorite period during primary school. Since when we grow up, we didn't use crayon anymore. It has been replaced by water color or computer fill in color. When I received this product from Natta Cosme, I was really excited and start to thinking how should I draw their postcard as my childhood memory. If you guys are patient enough, you can see what I draw on the postcard in the end of my post =D

Oh hii It is been a while since I last blog about outfit post on my blog 🤣 I did want and try to mix more different type of topic in my blog. So hope you guys don't mind and still like to read about the outfit blog that I blog about. 

Today's outfit is actually quite fun and something I want to do for some time. This outfit is bought from Taobao and I saw back to school look quite in trend. I also looking for a grey blazer that is not too oversize and when I saw this, immediately I add to the cart and wait for a good time to buy it! Hahaha and I'm glad I bought it on time and able to share this outfit and the "Sakura" scene with you all🤭

Ohai back to my usual Japan post, I always thought of combine all Day 1 photo in just 1 post but I can't decide on which photo I should choose. Plus for my first 2 days travel to Japan I visited 3 places in 1 day, so I decided to separate my post to few separate post. Hope you guys not feeling bored reading my Japan trip post. Because each post, I took quite a lot of photos when I visit to different place at Tokyo. The view is really pretty just the sky are mostly gloomy all the while.

Woola I'm back to a travel post after few weeks, left 1 and half day post before I end my Japan Travelogue. During the day 5, we just manage to do some shopping and walking around Shinjuku after sakura viewing at Chidorifugachi. 

Shinjuku was a really big distinct and they have the busiest railway station in Tokyo too! Be sure not to lose your way when you visit Shinjuku. So the first day at Shinjuku was a really tough one but luckily we spend half day here. We have been asking around how to go Isetan from the railway station. Because the Shinjuku station is way too BIG and connected to so many entrances too.
Hola girls!!! Finally here to blog about KOSÉ SEKKISEI Trial Kit. Thanks to Butterfly Malaysia and KOSÉ for this opportunity for all the lovely butterflies to try this product. They have comes out with really cute box surprises that are in Valentines Theme as well. Basically the box is just PINK + WHITE perfect for Valentines gift right.

Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise

Saturday, April 05, 2014 in
Hi peeps, since I pamper myself with having a enjoyable manicure and pedicure session at Amante Nail Spa and Body. The next day I was happy to be invited to join Worthy Book event organizing by The Butterfly Project: The Beauty Blogger. It was my first join their event and I feel so happy and excited to attend their event! Since the Saturday I was working at Jalan Klang Lama just near Mid Valley and after finish my work I straight away headed to there. We have our lunch there and shopping until my session 4pm. I search for the location only knew that it was at The Gardens Mall, Level 5. I was still early when I reach there and saw Tammy and Caroline was there already! They give us worthy book voucher and led us to the counter.

The Ecoparadise , with their Japanese name.
Hi all lovelies, its been a while since I blogged about food here. Went to Nana's Green Tea during the last weekend with Adeline. Guess what we are both Matcha lover that is why here this is perfect Matcha Date together.

I guess everyone heard about Nana's Green Tea before right, but this is the first time I dine in and enjoy their Match Green Tea dessert. There are many franchise around Kl and Selangor area. But at One Utama, The branch here served a lot of varieties of food, including set meal, drink and of cause their signature Matcha dessert.

Happy weekend to my fellow friends! Finally I have sort out all the beautiful cherry blossom photos that I have took during my Japan Trip. I hope that I can manage to keep track my trip memory and able to share all my wonderful memory I have spend in my Tokyo Trip. If you wish to read more about my Tokyo Trip post you can click here.

Please be prepare as this post will all be all the pink Cherry Blossom flower photos, if you have read my previous post about my experience travel to Japan during Cherry Blossom, you will know what problem I face after I book my flight to Tokyo for Cherry Blossom. Once again, The Cherry Blossom Season is super short period, meaning the life span of the flower last around 1 - 2 weeks. Basically I could say its depends on your luck to able see Cherry Blossom to reach full bloom. Best to do is compare past year Cherry Blossom Period in Tokyo, follow more official Japan guide website and do more research!

Woops I been not update my Japan post for this Month and guess what its already half of May. Next month is quite an anticipate month because there are many celebration on the month of June. Coming week I will be going for my beach trip, finally after 2 years I am going for a beach trip again. Miss beach very much I could say, since I am a beach and sea lover. Stay tuned for live updates from my SnapChat and Social Media.

Back to my Japan Day 1 trip to Ueno Park, we decided to make visiting Sakura as our first day activities. Ueno Park is quite famous for Cherry Blossom viewing hence I decided to make it for our first day plan. We visit total 6 places for first 2 days and the remaining days we just keep it a simple and short trip. Still I feel that time is really not enough for me because Tokyo is too big for me to explore. Gonna plan my trip in the future again.
Hi beautiful, today I will be blogging about Blogging 101 Workshop that I went on 20th June 2015 at The Canvas, Damansara Perdana. It was a workshop that organize by The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers. I was really excited with this workshop as I wish to meet my bloggers friend in this workshop. 

We have 4 special speakers in this Blogging 101 Workshop. We have Termina as our Emcee of the day and Aaron our Comedian of the day.

Gonna start my last post visit to Odaiba during my Day 4 journey at Tokyo! If you have read my previous post, you will know that I visit Tsukiji Fish Market here and Odaiba City here in the Day time when I am in Odaiba.

I manage to end my Day 4 visited Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari which will definitely be my unforgettable journey visit here. Want to know why I said that! Read more to know why! If you happen to visit here often, you will definitely understand what I mean.

It's been a while since I been blogging haha. When MCO started everything just gets postponed and delayed and hence the lack of update on my blog. Event and Gatherings all have been canceled. I have not been able to go out when MCO started and when the restrictions get loosen only we start to go out for dine-in and going around the mall.

Finally will blog about my Day 3 Itinerary of my Tokyo trip. I been thinking how should I start my post because Tokyo DisneySea is a really big place to explore. To be honest, I didn't really go through each of the game at Tokyo DisneySea because of the crowds. The crowds was super crazy and each of the game station requires 1-2 hours of queuing. If you really really want to try out all the game station at Tokyo DisneySea would recommend you start to line up at their entrance at least 30 minutes before the official park opening. Opening hours of the park will be from 8:30am to 10pm everyday.

In this post I will share on base on my own experience exploring Tokyo DisneySea in 1 Day. If you are really Disneyland die hard fan, you could even book a hotel at Disney Resort you can reach Disney Park within walking journey. You can even get their annual passes too.