Back to my weekly weekend outfit post! Can't believe we are 2 weeks for the lockdown and it will still extend till the end of June. I definitely miss going out and being somewhere else rather than just stay at home. Can't wait for the vaccine and we all able to go out freely again!

I'm glad that during my 4th year wedding anniversary, I plan a short staycation with my husband at Kloe Hotel. I choose this really pretty and greenery - Room of Grow, which they have a special area with plants. I really like the room when I first stay in, and since my husband like plants as well so I just go ahead and book this room for our anniversary staycation. Although is just one night, we definitely have some fun and relax time in this hotel.

Since we also stay in such a pretty room, I definitely need to shoot an OOTD outfit here! I bring 3 outfits with me, but only shoot 2 outfits here. haha! This dress has been with me for 2 - 3 years? I wore it quite a few times but didn't really shoot a proper ootd look with this dress.

The room has so many plants, and each of the plants is well-taken care by the hotel. So we no need to do anything for the plants. But still can't stop me from taking photos with them haha!

They have a really nice bathroom area as well. Although is it separated into 3 areas, it can be quite inconvenient but overall the design is very high class and pretty! Taking some elegant photos with my new Dior Cushion Powder hahahaha.

Moving on to their pool area. It is quite empty because they remove the chair for sitting due to the pool is not open to the public as well. I saw some of the guests here take photos with the chair seats nearby the pool but too bad now they remove them. The overall swimming pool area is very nice too, cover with greenery and wood decor around the area.

Since I'm gaining weight again, this dress still fits me so well! It still covers all my fats area and has a really nice waistline also. Although it is sleeveless which is not my usual style, I still like the short ruffle sleeve which is quite cute. The front part is also a bit loose and will expose if you are bending down. The dress is very flowy and feminine which also I really like. For me I always fond of floral print, but to find the print that is my liking is very hard. Since I bought this floral dress 2 - 3 years ago, I no longer like this floral print. But overall cutting and design are my faves!

One of the hot spots to take photos when you are here is Kloe Hotel, I will suggest you can choose level 4 so that you can get the accurate and middle part of the entire photo. We choose level 3 and it looks like we are quite bottom. But we did try to shoot where I'm still in the middle of the frame.

On the left, you can see the 3rd floor is quite low! Because level 1 is their cafe and pool area, I think you can go up to level 5 as well.

Overall I am having a pleasant stay here at Kloe Hotel. We have a nice anniversary celebration in the room. We manage to enjoy and stay relax during our stay too! Check out my Ig Video on the overview of our room, super pretty and relax.

KLoé Hotel
227, Bukit Bintang St, Imbi, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.


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