My most anticipate itinerary during this Langkawi trip is this Sunset Cruise. Can you guess why ๐Ÿ˜‚ but in real life there’s the real struggle when you get on board a cruise. I won’t say that there’s an issue with the arrangement but is mainly due to my own body issue hahaha! But overall I and my husband are really enjoying the whole journey and the cruise. Definitely worth the experience and photo-worthy photos to post ❤️

After the visit to Dataran Lang, we move on to the next itinerary which is the Sunset Cruise that we gonna meet up at Telaga Harbour Park. We got a bit anxious also with this trip like my husband did not bring any beach and chill outfits, he is wearing jeans and a T-shirt and I’m bringing two outfits at first I’m thinking there should be a toilet in the cruise but then ended up change in the old toilet at a restaurant. Then we got on board late and ended up getting seated in the front of the yacht.

I am not sure if my hairstyle is at the best because I tie two braid hairstyles that day then I take off after one of the rubber bands just went off. I feel like lioness hair after letting go of all the braids ๐Ÿ˜‚

Scrolling through all the photos I realized that I took at all quite similar places in the yacht ๐Ÿ˜ There’s not really much space for photo taking also. It has an almost similar setup and decor around the yacht. Since my husband did not bring any extra pants and so we ended up did not get wet and enjoying the seawater. But well it’s up to you because the package for this sunset cruise had already included a few water activities and dinner. So feel free to enjoy yourself when you are on a cruise ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some of my favorite shots on the top area of the yacht, and back to the outfit I wore on this cruise. It looks so good after I wear it. It is my last-minute buy from Shopee and it is so cheap and ready stock as well. With three pieces set, it cost less than 20myr. It makes me looks slim and the cover-up can help cover up my fat belly and thigh ๐Ÿ˜‚ One stone kill two birds hahaha!

I've been sitting on this for so long hahaha! If you ask me whether it is hot and sunny of course it is. But since is around 5-6pm the sun is not too bright or overly burn. Make sure you apply enough sunscreen when you are under the sun. I can see the fats peep through the pants when I’m sitting down ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I’m so lazy to edit the photos angle still looks pretty with me in the center of the yacht.

You guys must be curious if the yacht has other people or not, the answer is yes. But when I'm taking photos around the yacht most of them went to play with the water, and only some of us stay on the yacht to chill and take photos. Also one of the families of 4 leaves the yacht before the session, so the number of people on the yacht is lesser.

Both of our tired faces after staying for 2 hours on the yacht. When we are on board the tour guide has also told us that these few days the sea wind is quite big hence the ship will quite shacky for the first 30 minutes. Since we both are late we sit on the front of the ship, and it gets super shacky, and both of us feel unwell especially me. The feeling of motion sickness definitely makes me less enjoy the entire session on the yacht.

But the yacht just sails out to test the wind and most of the time we are on the more stable side of the sea. The ship sails out again when it is near sunset time as well. So we still manage to view the sunset on the yacht. But to prevent motion sickness, it is recommended you sit close to the middle part of the yacht.

The package that we get also include dinner prepared by them. The food was really not bad but I couldn't even eat much due to the motion sickness that I have. But seeing back all the photos and the experience of going on a cruise I feel that it is worth the trip. Both of us really enjoy this sunset cruise, and definitely will recommend this cruise to my friends and family.

For more info to book Sunset Cruise in Langkawi, you may reach out to the contact below:
Jordan 0125909975

Telaga Harbour Marina
Lot 1 Telaga Harbour Park, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Till Then.

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