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Finally here to blog about my Langkawi itinerary, this is last-minute planning, and even though 5 days 4 nights seems quite long but there are also some of the places and activities that we did not plan inside our itinerary. But I guess that's completely fine since we can always travel there again. Besides that, we also have been bored with the sea and island now, so hopefully, we can go somewhere nicer when we can travel abroad soon.

My most anticipate itinerary during this Langkawi trip is this Sunset Cruise. Can you guess why 😂 but in real life there’s the real struggle when you get on board a cruise. I won’t say that there’s an issue with the arrangement but is mainly due to my own body issue hahaha! But overall I and my husband are really enjoying the whole journey and the cruise. Definitely worth the experience and photo-worthy photos to post ❤️