Finally here to blog about my Langkawi itinerary, this is last-minute planning, and even though 5 days 4 nights seems quite long but there are also some of the places and activities that we did not plan inside our itinerary. But I guess that's completely fine since we can always travel there again. Besides that, we also have been bored with the sea and island now, so hopefully, we can go somewhere nicer when we can travel abroad soon.

The first-day flight also have a lot of hiatus but despite that, we manage to pull through and enjoy the rest of the trip. For this travel, we need to bring our own self-test kit and reach the airport at least 2 hours earlier to do the test kit and get verified by the KKM officer in the airport. But on the 11th of October itself, the government announced that there's no longer a need for the covid-19 self-check test kit process already.

Our flight got delayed as well for nearly 2 hours as well that day. Ended up we reach there around 2pm, but luckily on that day itself, we did not arrange any plan but mainly just rested and enjoy the night in our hotel.

Our car rental during our 5 days 4 night trip in Langkawi. 

After around 15 minutes of drive from Langkawi Airport, finally, we are at our hotel, Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The check-in process is very smooth and fast. They have also a 24-hours buggy car to fetch you around the Resorts, due to the room around the resort being quite far apart. The wait is also quite fast when you call for the buggy car.

I feel that we got really lucky also with the room arrangement because of the balcony view we have and it is also near to the sea and the forest. Every morning we can listen to the sea and also the wind blowing the leaves sound. A super relaxing and chill moment every morning when we wake up haha!

A short walkway to our hotel room.

Hotel resting and check-in area 

Our breakfast seating, this is my favorite spot because of the beautiful scenery of the hotel's beach.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Karung Berkunci 200 Burau Bay, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

At first, I thought that we gonna have a nice dinner at the hotel, but here we are at Putumayo Seafood Restaurant to enjoy my husband's birthday dinner. I feel that it is a nice choice for birthday dinner and their food is so fresh and yummy!!

Check out all of the dishes we order, it looks so overwhelmed but all of the foods are so yummy and fresh!! They have these big aquariums outside the restaurant and we get to pick our own seafood that we want. Since we have not to try lobster before, hence we decide to order that and that's our most expensive dish for this dinner.

Putumayo Restaurant 复古海滨餐厅
Lot 1584 Jalan Pantai Chenang Mukim Kedawang, 
Pantai Chenang, 07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Day 1 
Kl -> Langkawi -> Check in Berjaya Langkawi Resort -> Dinner at Putumayo Restaurant

For day 2, it is our most anticipated activities which is visiting otters at Langkawi Wildlife Park. My husband is a big fan of Otter and one of the reasons we planning this Langkawi trip is to visit and hold otter. 

We both definitely have the best time here with Otter. The name of the otter is Cha Cha which is the only otter that they train and tamer around with strangers. After spending almost an hour with the otter, we proceed with visiting the Wildlife Park.

Once you enter the park, you will encounter this group of animals. One of the things I like here is we get to feed the animals and interact with them. I like we are close with the animal and able to see their cute reaction.

Cute Raccoons!

They are also snakes and some cold blood animals around the wildlife park.

All of them are hungry for food hahaha but I really like to feed and see all their cute reaction.

Look at all these cute birding flew and stop on our hands for food. I feel quite overwhelmed but the experience is quite fun haha!

There is a huge open park where you can add all the peacocks running around. But also some of the animals are still fenced like the mouse deer.

We were quite amazed by how huge this crocodile where they say js the biggest species of crocodile. Oh ya on the other end they have one monkey cage in which is gifted by Sultan. 

Feeding the deers.

Lastly, we are still in time to see otter feeding and lovely Cha Cha rising up the flag. 

Lastly, we choose photos that we took during the visit to Langkawi Wildlife Park. We always like to choose photos and keep these fun memories of us visiting this place before.

Langkawi Wildlife Park
Lot 1485, Kampung Belanga Pecah, 
Jalan Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

After visiting Langkawi Wildlife Park, we went to Dataran Lang at Kuah Town which is around 10 minutes drive. Since this is our first time in Langkawi this place is a must-visit place as a tourist. I’m really glad that even the day is very sunny but the sunny day is a good day for taking photos.

Around the place, you can spend time taking some photos too. Check out my post here to see all the pretty photos we took around these sceneries.

Tourist Photo 😆

Dataran Lang
Persiaran Putera Kuah, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

For our final and last activity of the day is my most anticipated actives which is this sunset cruise. We ran slightly late and get the frontest seat. For the last few days, the sea wind is quite big hence the wave is quite big and causing me and my husband motion sickness after like 20 minutes of the journey when the cruise starts sailing hahaha!

One side of my rubber band just come off ended up I decided to just release my hair haha. But I think my plan is also to let go of my hair, then only I realized is because of the braided hairstyle I do my hair suddenly become wavy lioness hair haha.

We spend the whole time on the yacht itself. A few reasons also because my husband did not bring extra pants for going to water, then I feel not feeling well due to motion sickness and of course, I will prefer my husband to company me also lah. But is okay, since everyone is in the sea, we have more free space to take photos around the yacht. The yacht is actually not too big, some of the corners are the same, you can click here to see more photos in my other blog post.

and Yes my yacht is not a private yacht, we have around less than 20 people on board. One family of 4 left due to their kids not feeling well because of motion sickness. The price we pay for this whole cruise journey is RM150 for each of us.

Of course, dinner is provided as well!

Of course, when we go on a sunset cruise we need to see the sunset also! Here's the video and photo of us managing to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I really enjoy this cruise and my first experience on a yacht. The experience and feels of being surrounded by the ocean are super relaxing and fun.

We back to the harbor near 8pm, after that we back to our hotel to wash up and rest.

Telaga Harbour Marina
Lot 1 Telaga Harbour Park,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Day 2
Breakfast > Langkawi Wildlife Park > Dataran Lang > Sunset Cruise > End

On day 3 of my Langkawi Trip, we went to SkyCab which is a 5 minutes drive from our hotel. Once we find parking, we need to walk around 10 minutes to the ticket counter to redeem our cable car ticket. We bought one day earlier for the cable car ticket and after redeeming the ticket, we start our cable car journey to the mountain. 

On the Gondola itself, you can choose which you feel comfortable with. I feel that it is not necessary to choose anything too fancy or those who can spin 360 degrees. 👀 With us choosing the glass bottom one, I feel it is still quite fun where you can view it below you. But I feel all you see are just forest trees beneath you. The gondola itself also does not come in airconditioned which can be quite warm but the outside air is windy when blowing into the gondola.

Super nice top view from the top when you reach only the mid-point of the journey to the top.

Nothing special here but just want to capture the cable cars behind me. ✌

We reach the top of the mountain. This secret spot is so amazing!! Please check out my other post for the shots that I take over here. I just love every photo we took here. The background view looks like a painting and it's so breathtaking.

Some of the photos of the view from the top~

Thanks, hubby company me to this Sky Bridge. Since I'm super afraid of height, I cling to my husband most of the time when I'm at this bridge haha. We didn't walk till the end of the Sky Bridge, because basically, the view looks the same for us anyhow haha!

To conclude, I have Acrophobia which I am really afraid of height. So going through this SkyCab and visiting the SkyBridge are definitely challenging for me. 😅 But seeing all the photos I took, definitely worth it. The ticket we bought included all the passes throughout the experience.

This is the Oriental Village view before we walk to the ticketing counter of the Sky Cab.

Cute photo of the Gondola with the Sky Bridge as the photo background.

Sky Cab
07000 Kedah, Langkawi

At our next location is we visit Hidden Langkawi for late lunch.

This cafe is like a private beach cafe from Cenang Beach. I like how it is quieter and less crowded compare to the other beach cafe at Cenang Beach. Hence we can keep taking photos around the cafe without many people in the background.

When it is near evening, they will set up more beach chairs outside this seating. But the time we went is still in the afternoon, so this area is still empty. The white seating I sit on is the table 😂

While we are sitting and resting inside the cafe, we can see there are so many surfers surfing around the sea also. It is a relaxing and fun activity to watch at haha! Actually, I really enjoy the beach and sea view and don't really mind staying under the sun for a few hours haha. It can seem to be quite crazy but that's how I really love the beach and sea.

Hidden Langkawi
2461, Jalan Pantai Tengah, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

After Hidden Langkawi, we suppose to go to the Yellow Beach Cafe, but they are only open from 5pm onwards. Since we are there early and when we see the cafe interior at that time, it doesn't look appealing for us. So we just decided to ditch the cafe and went to spend our free time at Underwater World Langkawi.

One of the main attractions that we want to visit this Underwater World Langkawi is also because of these cute penguins. I was really amazed also at how there are so many penguins here. They have even two species of penguin in here. When we are here, there's this one penguin who is so active and keeps playing with the visitors.

Even though this Underwater World Langkawi is not very big to visit but we did spend some time going through all the different species of sea life animals.

Underwater World Langkawi
Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

After the Underwater World Langkawi, we back to our hotel because we book the hotel Pahn-Thai Restaurant at 7:30pm. When we arrived there the first day, this restaurant was always fully booked on the day itself. Due to the pandemic, the hotel controls the dining seats and amount of customers they can serve. Luckily I still remember to remind my husband to book when we are at SkyCab and manage to get some last seat booking at the restaurant.

We can literally walk and access Pahn-Thai Restaurant easily from our chalet. When we are on the yacht yesterday, we notice that the yacht sails near to our hotel as well. This is how we notice that we can enjoy some nice sunset views from our hotel as well!!

When the sun goes down, it is a completely different ambiance as well at this Pan Thai Restaurant.

Overall the experience dining is 4 stars out of 5 stars. You can enjoy a nice breeze night-sea sound and view while enjoying your dinner here. My husband suggested ordering a glass of red wine for photo taking also 装逼 😂 We order their set package, which comes in an appetizer, soup, main dish, and desserts. The food is not too bad, but still, we finish and enjoy the dinner here.

Pahn-Thai Restaurant
Berjaya Langkawi Resort Burau Bay, 
07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Day 3
SkyCab > Hidden Langkawi > Underwater World Langkawi > Pahn-Thai Restaurant > End

Finally our last full day at Langkawi!! This breakfast view is amazing, I like how we can breakfast here and enjoy some nice views from the hotel's private beach.

After staying at the hotel for the last 3 nights, we are finally here chilling and enjoying the beach view and sound at Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

I'm wearing a super chill and relaxed look for the morning walk along the beach. After this, we went to visit Cha-Cha the otter again at the Wildlife Park Langkawi. Since we only got this chance when we are at Langkawi, so we decided to visit her and play with her one last time before we back to KL.

Next, we went to The St. Regis Langkawi for lunch and photo shooting.

We had never been to such a high-class and pretty hotel before. The interior and everything inside the hotel are so pretty and gorgeous. My husband keeps asking me to pose where ever he see any nice and pretty corners in the hotel. It does feel weird because we are not guests of the hotel, but we are just taking OOTDs photos around the hotel. The workers there were still very polite and serve us while we had lunch and visited their hotel. 

After our lunch, due to limited time, we quickly go around the hotel and do some shooting around the hotel. I mean the view here is so amazing where you simply shoot also can shoot some nice photos here lol!!!

Too many nice photos that we have taken here. I will include the blog link here about all the pretty shots we took at St Regis Langkawi Hotel soon!! This is definitely a place that is worth coming to and taking photos of!! 😍

Finally, our last photo station is at Paradise 101 Langkawi where we are very rushing coming from St Regis to the harbor. Luckily the journey ride to Paradise 101 Langkawi took about less than 10 minutes per ride. By right their last ride to the island is at 4:30pm, but we were late and reach there at 5pm. The coupon itself includes 1 meal on the island itself. But the time we went, the kitchen was already closed so we told them is ok, we just go there for photos. They suggest that we can still order drinks at Paradise 101 Langkawi.

One of the main attractions spots I want to come here is because of this place. It just looks like you are in Bali but you are in Langkawi. I need to train my husband to take more videos with the view, not only just with me in it haha!

We didn't stay long in this place, we take some photos then we order fruit drinks in the cafeteria. The dining area is quite big and also a nice place to enjoy the sea breeze too! This place closes at 6pm, but even though we left around that time there are still small crowds of people sitting at the dining area too.

I saw some people take photos with this angle since I'm here in the late evening hence the sun is behind me. Backlight photo 😆

Last photo here at the Jetty Paradise 101 Langkawi 💓

Before we end our day 4, we went to the Telaga Harbour Marina to take photos with the yacht. But I think due to my running late experience for our sunset cruise. We didn't take photos with the yacht and now we are not allowed to go in because we need to go in with an access card. We have our last seafood dinner, buying souvenirs and late-night massage at Cenang Town. On day 5 itself, we head straight to Langkawi Airport after breakfast at the hotel.

That's all for my 5 Days 4 Night Pulau Langkawi Itinerary Trip! Hope you guys enjoy this post and stay safe if you are traveling.

Day 1 
KLIA > Langkawi Airport > Check in Berjaya Langkawi Resort > Dinner at Putumayo Restaurant > End

Day 2
Breakfast > Langkawi Wildlife Park > Dataran Lang > Sunset Cruise > End

Day 3
SkyCab > Hidden Langkawi > Underwater World Langkawi > Pahn-Thai Restaurant > End

Day 4
Chilling at Berjaya Langkawi Resort Private Beach > Langkawi Wildlife Park > The St. Regis Langkawi > Paradise 101 Langkawi > Cenang Town > End

Day 5
Breakfsat > Checkout > Langkawi Airport > KLIA

Till Then.

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