Back to another anticipating ootd post that I’m really excited about. Suppose to do it once I’m back from the event, but I’m really lazy and taking slower as well. But I think January has been really productive to me where I have been blogging so much since January. But although there are so much more things I need to do and follow up too. Finger crossed for a better year ahead 💪🏻

I rarely wear so elegantly and feminine for the longest time. This dress has been stuck in my wardrobe for quite some time because I don’t have a better event to wear it until this event 😂 Although I won’t say this is a proper event or what well I did prepare well lol hahaha!

Each of the rooms of this event is well decorated and so photo-worthy. You can take a lot of photos here easily because every corner is too pretty and delicate. Too bad the whole journey is too short which I find it quite annoyed when you keep rushing to the next room but the whole event time slot there's only you alone lol 😂 

I’m really amazed by how the dress still fits me after my weight gain 😅 it still shows my belly if seen from the side. And that’s my most obvious part when I gain weight too. But overall the dress has a really nice design and cutting which I really like.

This is my favorite room for this event. I do hope that we have more time to shoot inside this room. But here are some nice shots we took in this room.

Moving on to the next room, we are offered a glass of Moët and Chandon. I really like how smooth and not too strong their wine taste. 

I also like the hairstyle I tie up that day and I plan to tie this hairstyle more often next time. The fringe that I trim myself also become my favorite too. I still thinking to trim more fringe but am still afraid to do so on my own. 

On to the next room, which is white and simple decor with balloons.

I really like how my outfit quite stands out also with the backdrop and the decor of the event. Even though the dress is quite long and I’m quite short, the dress length still does not look weird on me. My heels are not very tall but they help elongated my entire look.

I also like the outer that I bought together with the dress. It is not thick but just gives the right amount of warmth that I needed. It does not look too formal but it gives a classy and chic look to look.

After the last room, we are here where you can buy their wine as well. 

In this machine, you can get a mini champagne of Moët & Chandon for only RM74.90. 

You can also purchase their big bottle of champagne with their specialized box or just normal box packaging.

Overall, I have a really great time here at Moët & Chandon Pop-Up Experience at Pavilion KL. I do wish we can have a longer time inside the rooms. Although the event period is short, but is free of charge, so why not just register yourself and drop by to the pop-up experience when you are free ✌

Moët & Chandon Pop-Up Experience 
Pop Up Duration: From now till 15 January 2022 (Daily)
Location: Couture Pavilion, Level 3

Mondays – Thursdays: 2.00pm – 8.00 pm
Fridays – Sundays: 11.00am – 8.00pm 

Please reserve your session at the URL below: 

Till Then

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