I wanted to blog about this outfit even though there are not many photos for me to blog about it. This outfit I bought this purposely for a reel and I really love it. The reels that I do is croissants and this shirt is the perfect fit for the reel audio. Also together I the haul, I bought this pair of orange pants that match perfectly with the top.

Just nice that there's a new cafe open recently nearby KL and they sell some of their famous croissant which makes it the perfect place for me to shoot the reels that I want. Although we went here after my church service which is around 11am+, this place is still a full house with limited seats. 

So we manage to get a seat near the big window seat. The seat is quite small but still manages to fit a person and food on the seat handle area. We kinda struggle to enjoy the croissant due to our seating area. The crumbs of the croissant are just everywhere but we manage to finish everything. Their croissant is so crunchy but I did really miss the one I had when I'm in Johor last year.

The shirt that I got is really very oversize until I have to tuck in a lot of the shirt inside my pants. The material of the shirt is very comfy and I really like the oversize t-shirt a lot! The pants also fit me well, I can say that a lot of my pants bought from Thai daigou basically has a very nice fitting on me compared to those I bought from Taobao. I guess most of their pants designed is with elastic bands and loose fitting which doesn't feel so tight and feel uneasy on me.

My bag chain just break off after I shoot my ootd at this cafe. I keep it long enough in my wardrobe I guess, and this bag for me is not a very functional bag. It's more to styling and photo shooting only. Tbh I also having a hard time deciding on what bag I want to match this outfit, I guess I need to find the next perfect nude bag that is easy to match.

Hope you like this orangey outfit that I have matched for this look. I really like the whole look that I wear out. I do hope to try out a different color look and share different styles of look here on my blog. ๐Ÿ˜†

Outfit Details
Top and Bottom | GetthelookEmma
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | New Balance

Flaaah The Bakery
G01, Four Points, 2, Jalan Balai Polis, 
City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.

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