Can't believe that it's November now, and I have to start planning my Christmas outfit to shoot at the shopping mall. I still being my usual self who likes to plan ahead. Even though I have been busy and stressed working the last few days, I did try to plan out some outfits for Christmas this year. I still have some of the outfits that I bought last year and have yet to wear out too. I guess I will need to try my best to wear and style those outfits for Christmas this year.

The black dress that I wanted to blog about is one of the dresses that pretty sure a lot of people own it. There's like a total of 2 friends around me who own the exact same dress, including me 3. 😝 I also bought this dress quite some time, and finally, there's an occasion that I can wear it out. 

This dress definitely suits petite girl size more. It is quite short and you will definitely wear short pants inside to prevent exposure. Even though I'm just 156cm, but still I wear safety pants inside too. Besides that, this dress is quite comfy to wear. They have a stretchable band on the breast area, and the bottom dress is flowy which basically can fit all kinds of body shapes.

I also quite like the accessories I wear with this dress too. It is quite a mixture of cute and loli style, I match it with a fur sling bag and socks with loafers. This fur sling bag is more neutral which gives more school look vibes. The socks and loafers are also very comfy and look cute when worn together. I really like that this black dress can be worn in many different styles. If you prefer a more feminine look, it can also be styled that way.

For my accessories, I wear a pair of silver earrings and necklaces, to give more cool vibes. But I wear a cute black ribbon hairband. I tried to balance out the look by wearing different vibes of accessories to complete this look. I hope you guys like how I style this look with all the accessories too!!

This Lisette's Café & Bakery at 163 Retail Park is still new around the area. I would say the cafe is still nice and pretty to hang out in. But the lightning inside is quite orangey and dim. You can see all my shots are actually near their entrance and cashier where the lightning looks more bright and nice.

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Accessories | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao

Lisette's Café & Bakery @ 163 Retail Park
GF-18, Ground Floor 163 Retail Park, 8, 
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

Till Then.

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