GMBB KL has been open for quite a while and I have wanted to go here but haven't really found a chance to went there. I manage to visit here when my friend is having her food open in the market located at GMBB KL. And to my surprise, this is a really nice place to visit with all the local artists and paintings that you can find when you visit GMBB KL.

Since I am first time here at GMBB KL, this building is very huge and consists of a lot of floors. I start with exploring each of the floors to see what each of the floors consists of. After we go through each of the floors and I find this philipwong the artist's space is very artistic and clean which is the vibe I am going to.

I manage to pose and take some nice photos in front of his paintings. I wore a very nice pastel babydoll dress to shoot in this area. It was all white and minimal, but the dress did stand out among the paintings and the space.

This dress I bought this from a local fashion boutique that they going to Bangkok for daigou. I wouldn’t say this is the comfiest dress that I wore before. Because this dress is all made in almost tulle material but with linings inside. The outside material it’s quite itchy, especially around the sleeve which made me feel uncomfortable.

We saw this purple corner which I have to pose and take photos of here. 

This is also one of the spots that I like here in GMBB KL. If you have asked me if this spot is still available, I might not able to reply because there will be different art and paintings being exhibited in GMBB KL.

Love the heart shape that is decorated in this corner. I just sit inside the heart and pose for more OOTD shots. I really like the calm and aesthetic here. This baby doll dress is really dreamy and princessy when I wear this dress around and shoot in this corner.

I also want to showcase the lovely painting in this corner. I love all the photos that my husband shoots here, because of my expression and this baby doll dress makes me look young and cute.

This dress is quite short and you will able to see my jeans peep out from the dress. I quickly changed into this sweet dress to shoot my ootd at GMBB KL.

I'm wearing quite light makeup that day but thanks to my contact lens and lipstick that makes me look much brightened up. Imagine I'm quite tired due to waking up at 630am for church service on a Sunday.

One of the last corners that I want to shoot is this cute cat drawing corner. I like how the cat is drawn and is so colorful and cute to look at. I also found another corner that I like but I shoot some other products there. If you are interested to see more, you can follow my IG @snowmansharing or click here.

Outfit Details
Dress | (BKK daigou)
Shoes | New Balance

No. 2, Jalan Robertson, Bukit Bintang, 
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.

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