Finally, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kickstarted on the 1st of November. All the football fans have been longing for this.  In conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup hype, Yippi is organizing a viewing party for an entire month from 21 November to 18 December 2022. The viewing party will be held at Koh Tiki, Old Klang Road. The moment of cheering goals with a group of friends when watching the FIFA World Cup is definitely a fun and exciting moment.

When I first arrived at the viewing party at Koh Tiki, Old Klang Road, this whole place comes with comfortable and huge spacious seats for guests to come over chill, and watch football together.

Do you know what's more exciting to gather and enjoy the goal moments with your friends? You can now predict the results of the FIFA World Cup to get a chance to free a mug of beer. Curious to know what is Yippi?

Yippi is an e-reward Superapp that allows users to earn and spend Yipps points. I really like how we can use Yipps to pay for utility and mobile bills, but point redemption can also be used in F&B, online shopping, traveling, entertainment, beauty, and healthcare. Besides, Yippi also includes features like social media, instant messaging, and live broadcasts for users’ enjoyment. 

Yippi has more than 142,000 users to date, with males the majority gender. Yippi users’ largest age group is 25-34 years old, followed by 18-24 years old.

Not forget that good company also comes in good food at Koh Tiki. Their skewers all taste so good when serve in hot!!

The moment when the team vote goal! Because I know that I have the chance to win a free mug of beer. It's been a while since the pandemic and everyone can gather around to share this GOAL excitement together with friends and even strangers who are there to view this moment.

I really like this initiative of Yippi to hype up football fans, where Yippi’s 2022 FIFA World Cup allows users to predict the winner of each match. Each user that manages to successfully predicts the winner for the football match can get to win a share of 31,400 Yipps. Besides that, the users will stand a chance to secure a place on our and win a share of the jackpot prize pool of 10,000 Yipps if there's a more successful prediction for the football match!

Don't forget to redeem a free mug of beer once Yippi updates the football match results!!

Thanks, Yippi for the invitation we are able to watch the FIFA World Cup match on the spot with good food, good company, and AWESOME rewards with Yippi!! Download Yippi and predict the FIFA world cup results to win some Yipps points.
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Till Then.

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