I’m a bit late to update you about my Barbie ootd in my blog. I have been sick the whole week after getting back from office team building. I hope that I can recover the soonest and have WFH few days to have my body rest more when at home. For this look, I manage to complete this Barbie theme ootd shooting before I go for team building.

This Barbie theme place is very near to my house and I feel I was lucky enough to visit this place. This is the Inside Scoop area near my house. They even have the Barbie Box decor for guests to take photos too.

Took too many photos of me sitting in this super cute Barbie Logo seating area. There’s this 3 seating area on the left when you first walk into Inside Scoop. Only two of the seating area with the B Barbie logo, we waited for a while for the seat I wanted.

I also bring this pair of white frame sunglasses to complete this Barbie Outfit look. I spend like whole morning figuring out what top and bottom to wear ๐Ÿ˜‚ This Barbie top from Room8008 that I bought a few months ago and hot pink shorts that I never modeled before. Both of them just match well!

Their wall is also decorated with pink coconut stickers and pink tables for the Barbie theme.

Try a different angle of the same seating is also very nice to take photos@

We went to the back of the shop with the whole wall of Barbie decor too. I am really obsessed with the Barbie theme decor at this Inside Scoop, The Palette Hub.

I feel that my knitted outerwear is quite heavy and makes my shoulders look wider. Then later I take out my outer and just shoot my Barbie Dream only with my spaghetti top and the hot pink shorts.

This is the highlight of the whole Barbie Theme decor, where they have this Barbie pink box inside the shop too! Everyone here will take photos posing inside this Barbie pink box.

I tried my best to pose like Barbie Doll, but I think I couldn't do it perfectly ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have been struggling to decide what hairstyle I should go for with this Barbie outfit. At first, I decided to let my hair all down, but then I saw some Barbie inspire hairstyles and I tie a high half-tie hair with a big white ribbon. Although I didn't tie the hair high enough, I really like my hairstyle that day!

Super hot pink look until I feel that I blend with the whole pink box.

To complete this Barbie look, I manage to grab Aldo x Barbie collab platform heels from Zalora. It's gonna be my favorite Barbie item that I own. This pair of heels are quite high and are available in a lovely baby pink color with a heart-shaped design on the front.

Barbie Doll has been my inspiration for Fashion Icons, I always like to design clothes for Barbie Dolls and style up my Barbie Doll. Although the Barbie Movie did not interest me much to watch, I was also curious about how they gonna bring out the Barbie story. Can't wait to watch the movie!

Outfit Details
Top | Room8008
Bottoms | IG Shop
Heels | ALDO
Bag | Taobao

Inside Scoop Setapak
Shop 1, The Palette Hab Komersial, Danau Kota No. 8, 
Jalan Langkawi Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur


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