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Masking is one of my favorite skincare steps! I never get tired of trying new sheets of masks. This time I will be reviewing this 2 new masks from Neutrogena.  I can't really decide which mask will be my favorite. But both mask has their own benefits which are equally good and nice for our skin. Check out my review of both the mask when you continue scroll reading my post!

My first time heard about this Half Moon Eyes through few reviews from my fellow bloggers. The brand packaging itself is really clean and minimalism which I really love it. One thing that also made me glad is, I can get Half Moon Eyes skin care through Althea. There are few products range from Half Moon Eyes that I will be introduced in few of my blogspot post! From basic toner to wash-off mask, it has cover the basic skin care that everyone will use.

About Half Moon Eyes
The brand name itself is created by beauty director Lee Seung Hyun, where she got inspired from her half-moon shaped eyes. Eyes are like the window of the world, it captures women's hopes and desires to find the most beautiful side of themselves.

Today blog will be sharing about my recent favorite mask from SEP. I want to shout out to The Butterfly Project and SEP for sending the products over for review. Their mask coming in the right time for me as I am running out of facial mask from my facial mask stack.

SEP Mask Pack is made in Korea formulated with concentrated and natural key ingredients from Jeju Island.Their mask is made specifically to fit any face shape and it small airy space on the mask fabric that adheres to our skin perfectly. They also come in four variant of mask pack, each of the mask pack is suitable for different skin. Read on to know more about the SEP Jeju Mask Pack 

 Thanks again for Natta Cosme for this super lovely mask. This time the packaging is slight slimmer and is with red color! I love this striking color of the packaging as well. This time I will review the C20 Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Mask that are from Korea. 

What do you mean by enhancing mask? Is it to enhance your skin texture and nourishing your skin as well. Read more to know about the goodness of this enhancing mask sheet.

Hey people, how's your weekend going? I have well spent my weekend with my loves one too, staying home relax myself with my favorite anime. Sometimes don't let yourself get too busy with a lots of things to do, instead spend some times at home, reading, cook something for yourself and enjoy the moment doing the stuff that you like too. 

Applying mask can be really relaxing and enjoying too. I love to spend time applying mask to pamper my face, to give more moisturize to my face. Especially the weather now in Malaysia, super hot and dry weather, even in aircond room it can cause your skin to dry up quickly. Hence, today I will blog about this 3 mask from My Secret Of Beauty. My secret to have beautiful and moisture skin.