Merry Christmas!!!
The celebration i love the most~
I'm a christian as well
mostly i spend my Christmas with friend at church~~
Love them all!!!
We exchange gifts during christmas~
Who don't love present~?
For me

Jesus Christ is the greatest present from God
That give us the eternal Life and save us from sin~
I'm so grateful and thankful for being a Christian~
That I can get to know many friends~
That I won't be lonely during my special christmas~^^heees~

Our christmas photo~xD

Me and my dear michelle wong~^^

Four beautiful angel~^^hee

Special drama from the chinese footprints~^^

Oppsss~someone is sleeping during pastor is preaching~xD hahas

Some are GAY!!

Later having christmas celebration at church~
me and friends went to Fahrenheit 88 & pavilion!!!
SALES everywhere i go~~~~~~

Christmas tree @ pavilion~~

Christmas CD tree @ Fahrenheit 88!!
creative lorr~
can't even notice it was build by VCDsss!!!

Having our tea break + dinner at California Pizza @ Fahrenheit 88!!

Superheroes!! @ Pavilion!! the fitting room doorr!! damn YENG!!xD

Inside them is the comic page of the COMIC!! woah!!
the shoes are nice!! wish to own them as well!!!
Just wait!!!
More photos from here!!

After a long window shopping~~ i rush to my church again!! for the Anakaios~

Our group!! Irene so leng!~^^ hahas

Me and my dear again!!! Loves yaa!! so beautiful lo we 2 ~^^ haha


So rushing Christmas for me!!
and the most meaningful of all!!^^
Thanks all my friend who are with me during this Christmas!!!

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