Happy Valentine days =))

HAPPY VALENTINES to all everyone
No matter you are having a bf/gf~!!xDD

As well it is a valentine day
I'm working as well!!
What do I work?
Selling valentine flowers!!!
The sales are damn GOOD
We are selling at Genting Klang
Near the Kenny Rogers there!!
I been work there from Sunday to Monday~

Sales are good
I know 2 friends who are working there=)
Both the sister got different faces d~haha
And the elder sister actually look younger than her younger sister
Kinda happy know them both=)
All day was very busy
We been standing there for whole day
The boss is the one whom always wrap the flower and the bears together
We just serve the customer and wrap one roses~
Roses are full of thorns but many girls still fall in love with them =)
Kinda weird right..hahaha
Night sales are always the BEST
Then we will be that SUPER DUPER busy of us =(
No time for lunch and dinner as well =(
The boss have no time for that also~
She always have to continue wrapping wrapping and wrapping
Lunch and dinner just a few bite then have to start wrapping again
Both of the night there are rains and thunders
It was so unlucky though~
When it is rain the business will be lesser
But after that the sale rise though==
And We been working until 12am-1am the night~@@
When we reach home we just have a bath and just fall into a deep sleep~
Until 2moro morning WORK Again lor!!

During working time
We can see a lot of different of people buying roses,bears for their loved one
So XIAN MU lor me OK !!??
hahahaha xDD
Some will be very YIM JIM
say huh?so expensive wan~
Can discount or not??
Some will be very DAI FONG
okok...buy the rm180 bear
VERY CUTE wan ok!!
the fur is roses look~~xD
Mostly Indians, Malay and other buy the most~
They will usually buy for their children and even boy friend~haha
So good~
Chinese will buy roses the more~
This year bear are cute~~
And got love pillows as well=)
So CUTE!!!gt the rose fur also!!AH!!!
Many Malays Singh and Indians buy the bears and pillows!~
Even will come back and buy again because their children also wan xDD
So What I can say is the SALES are damn GOOD!!
Wonder got 5k-6k for these 3 days sales xDD hahaha..
But i just got rm120 for 20 hours only~T^T haha

I wrap wan ok!?hahahaxD

Cute couple bears !!^6^

Love this bouquet YEH!!

we sell many color~

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