One of my friend is going study at CHina
So here the post about the farewell thing going on
They are planing 2 days of farewell dinner

Saturday we are having our dinner at Feeling Cafe
Darn it my brother
He soo lazy
I don't know whether he want to go or ot==
Sienz dou meeee
Chit chating
I was happy to see my dear Kah Wai is there
And her sister too!!
We chit and dinner until 10pm
There have a singing session by their own singers
So nice the feel xD
And I saw quite a lot of song list by the customer==
I thinking when our song list could be sang by him==
So after we pay the bille
The boys are playing pool~~
I never played before T_____T
Wanted to learn!!
But I didn't play lorr
Just see them play jee
We go and play BLAUGH ==
I think is not a good thing playing this game with guys lol==
Keep bully me
Especially my brother!!!
This game really play until no ENDING~
For 2 hours also haven't finish the card in my hand T__T
At last I let Jon play my card only laaa
Give up
The time already 12am++
I started to feeel tired liao lo
Reached home also around 1am T.T

The second farewell dinner was held in his house xD
Qiang qianggg qianggg
Today night there was a BBq night at Ie Yern houseee
I wonder who are going to fetch us there
I went to visit Wai Khee's mummy because she is going for operation
Chit chat theree near 5pm baru i back home and fall asleep liaooo
Jon miss call my brother handphone twice i nampak
So he come and fetch us around 6pm++
We met with the others at Shell station
Guess how long we waited...zzzz
1 hour lorrrr
We all get bored in the carrr
After everybody arrived only we left~~
I gei scared Kah Yee and Kah Wai ffk lol~~
Because when I reach the two of them haven't reached yet!!
We start the BBQ around 7++pm


Kah Yee and Kah wai were here!!!
We share the food with 3 person!!
The food was deliciouss~~
But the lamb are sweet~xD
The smash potato was nicee~~
The sausage a bit too salt~~
The chicken are hard!!
Oh my xD

The chicken wing in the oven~~

The 2 candid fellow~
Kenji and Kelvin~~

keras keras chicken wing~~~~

Bbq with gass~~

After eat eat time
We celebrate Iee Yern birthday that falls on september~~
Photo session~~~

Me with the 2 pretty sistar~xD

We continue our bbq~~
These are Marshmallow after BBQ~~
Taste like snoww~~

Lamb chop by JOn~~
Sweet sweet geh worrr~xD

The lovely audience =)

The playersss

A little beer~
A little red wine xD
Kah Yee keep asking for beer~
I drank a little mostly she finish the drink~~hahahahaha
Red wine that Kelvin keeep pour for us to drink~==

Me and dear Choco~

Trying to kiss!?

Quite like this sketching effect~hehehehe

The gaming zone~

The CLC group xD

I thin Elvin bit drunk drunk liao~== ahahahhaha

Me and his little brother~

My brother so tall LOL~!!\

The brotherss~xD

Me and him waa~~

A little cup of black label!! xD

Ini orang mabuk~

Sorry didn't meant to take~
but really cannot tahan~ xD
fuunny lol!!!
I first time see people drunk until like thiss~
He drunk and sit outside~
Suddenly he knock out feell on the floor ~
When we realise then the guys take him inside the house~
I think Yern aslo drunk~~
He know~
funny things is he say my brother has braces instead of me==
I laugh dou!!!
Actuall I never been drunk before or maybe I had been??
Just got dizzy head and walk not straight only lol!!!
Anyway they continue to drink~
I dipaksa drink by Kelvin LOL!!
But still okok laaa
I wonder what I will be when I drunk==
Nearly 2am baru reach home~
That time some more raining like dogs and cats==
THUNDER tooo!!!!
I really cannot recognize the road also~

At last~~
A wish of luck To Ie Yern LOL!!


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