Hello peepss
I'm back from Phuket since Wednesday Night
It been a wonderful honeymoon trip for me though xD
Although we was tired and exhausted
But this trip mean so much to me
beside for honey moon trip
It was a holiday trip for me as well =D
Since Singapore
Phuket is my second trip went overseas
We start our journey to KLIA around 3:40am
We just sleep for 4 hours and have to grab our luggage to the airport
Having a light breakfast at Airport
due to my throat and flu so No MCD for breakfast T___T
The journey to Phuket takes around 1 hour 25 minute

Aeroplane selca =)

Kissing my dar CUTE big hand =D
My favourite bites at all the time~

My leopard pattern hairclip~

Own selca #1

When we reach there
Was a little rain falling
And the aeroplane took some time to go through the cloud and landed us all safely
The time zone is 1 hour slower than us
So when we reach there was just 8+am only
Biii book 1 holiday tour already
So we just follow our tour guide to their office first
The lady who serve us is Lily
She speak chinese quite well as well =)
The rain stop and the sun come out when we reach Patong.
After hearing Lily explain about their tour
Pricing and the activities ~
We even went to half day tour by their company Mayday ~

Our selca on the Van =)

My after breakfast fried rice from 7-11~
Hungry around 10am =p

Lays was super cheap at here T___T
Super touch lol~
Quite a long time didn't eat liao
because at Malaysia sell rm 9-10 1 big package~

Biiii dish~

Our first destination of our half day tour =)
Went to beach Karon kata Beach
If not mistaken
Bii love the seaside that are blue in color ~

Second destination
We reach Karon View Point

i admit myself as fun and naughty girl ==

super big hand holding mine =D
Got messy hair that I don't even want to bother~

At the top~
Since it was rain
The weather actually not very good and nice to see =(
Btw simply love this photo by my darling~

Ask the people around us to help us shoot this couple shot =)

Our third destination
We pass the elephant show
And I decided to try to ride on elephant
So we actually U-turn back to here
baby elephant =D
I actually think that elephant was a super cute animal LOL~~>0<~~

The place was called elephant camp 0-0
If we go with tour
Just rm60 per person if not will be rm80 per person LOL

We are on the elephant now~~~
Kinda scary a bit = = hahahahhaa

view infront of us~
Is a Old couple~ lol
See the red line
Actually I was keep holding my bii jeans so tight~~
And I keep ask bii to hug me too
because the road the elephant climb is a bit slope
And morning raining some more
Was cover with mud and mud water too~~
Our elephant was small size too~

After a ci kek ride
A picto with a baby elephant~

I buy this photo as our memory~
My biii say I really like this kind of riding animal stuff xD

The forth place is not a very successful view to see
Because due to rain
When we reach here
The rain come and we just manage to took some picto of this small cute island
And back to the Car again~

The Fifth and sixth place we went to two places to buy souvenir and snacks~
My cute pic xD

The seventh Place we went
Is Tunk Ka
A short journey went through a small hill
Although still raining
But we stop here quite long and have our wonderful lunch =D
And One of cutest thing you can see here is 
There are a Lot of Monkeyssssssssssssssssss !!!!
Adult Monkey picto~

Baby monkey still =D

Saw this huge swing also~
And quite funny with this candid ~

Start to rain liao~
We just quickly walk and I just shot the photo of the surrounding

Reached Tunk Ka Cafe~

Continue to move down~

Monkey ~

The rain was getting bigger and bigger
At first we just wanted to drop by and have a drink
Just realised babe told me their food is cheap
So we decided to eat our lunch here
And the prawns we order 200g got 4 super juicy PRAWNS
Super yummy and of cause with garlic and pepper~

Their vege~==
Can't recall the name~
I think is their local vege larr

The third dish come with soup
Their soup was superb
With many vegetables
Cashew nut I think is their kind of a food also ==
Biii say we can't drink or taste this soup at any place anymore ~

Our First day lunch was damn perfect =D

Picto by bii before lunch =)

Just rm51 only~

Couple Selca #1 Sorry for my pale look ==

Selca #2 after meal at Tunk Ka Cafe~


Beside that~

Their toilet was so nice ler~


Still good at selca with DSLR xD

The view outside from our floor~
Sky not blue because raining~

View under de~

Outside design =D

Love this stone pavement =)


Love this reflected light behind me =D

Biii just ask me simply pose and point on that cute white chair xD
Hand holding his hand =D

Super got feel lol~~

When the rain stop
I tell my darling I want to sit this big swing and took photo also~

Biii super love monkey ~
So he buy one packet of peanut and give this little cute monkey that he super love~

Later we finish our half day tour reached hotel around 4pm
Was a modern design hotel~
You all can find and search it online =D
We was super tired
Because slept for 4 hours the day before
So we decided back to hotel and take a nap~

Can't wait to back hotel
And the room was super nicely decorated
Because my biii specially request them to do this cute love birds on our bed =D

Dinner look =D

Reflected light behind =D

Biii took photo on the other side of me =D

Couple Selca #1

Couple Selca #2

Because bii keep took my photo
So I also took his photo too~

Bii say I less pose like this~
So I super love this photo 
Because we look extra super sweet~

Our dinner~
Near the hotel there are many cafe
This cafe was just simply ngam feel

Biii Picto #2

Biii Picto #2

The artistic place for photo =D

Simply sit on the outside bench outside the cafe

biii say his dish was very nice
Especially the prawns
Super juicy and tasty with butter

7pm we went to watch Simon Cabaret Show
So Who are don't know what is Simon Cabaret means Ladyboys cabaret show
The tickets entry is 600 baht 

Toilets again~~
Nice purple design!!

Try to do sexy lips~
seem like fail lol

Picto with outside banner~

We start show 7:45PM
end around 9:30pm

This was half man half woman~
Performance was super nice and JENG~

This ladyboy was so leng lui~
And her dance in her Indian performance was super alike and professional~

My 200 Baht just given by them~
I simply love the ladyboy stand right beside me~
she was so gorgeous~

Biii say he seen his performance before
And like his passion in each of his dance =D

Ta- dang~
Because not wearing glasses during their performance
Not all I can recognize through their performance de
But they are really good at it and bring out their profession in their work
I super admire them a lot~

here the night view of Patong Town
My biii say I took until like at Japan

Stall beside the road =)

I actually super love the night street, I love the LED street sign especially because it was colorful and very attractive to me =D

Saw this super cute hello kitty shop =D. They sell a lots of Hello Kitty merchandise~ Too bad I didn't buy any hello kitty merchandise back Malaysia T-T.

Tadang~ My super biii with his super Bike LOL. Love his red round helmet xD makes him look cuter ~

Not forget to take a couple selca  together, haha. Sorry with the messy hair xD

Patong Night is with bars and club. You can saw the whole streets are just bars and clubs. Thai girls will be standing in the middle of the road asking Guys to join them LOL. There got a new show call Ping Pong Show. Somehow I still don't know what show is that lar == After seeing Simon Cabaret, I think the ladyboy at there are more pretty than the Thai girls at there. LOL sorry for offense >-<

LOL, Me with the MCD uncle~ This cute pose that I really like so I was like biii I wan to took photo together with it!!

We just walk around the streets just to see the Night life at Patong =D We actually rent a motorbike to ride around the town. Because my bii not always ride a motorbike we actually ride quite slow around the town. We reach back Hotel around 11+pm. 

Still got 3 Days post to go~
OMG, I actually was so damn busy with work and my birthday is coming soon~
Ciau peeps, remember continue to stay tuned =D


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