ello all,
Back with the Day 2 in Phuket
We didn't went to tour or any far places
Instead we just rent a motorbike and ride around phuket
Myy biii still miss the blue sea
So we decided to went back to the blue sea again
Although near our place there is Patong beach
But bii say there not nice want go other beach

As we ride along the steep road

We saw a beautiful scene and we stop by

And we start to take photo like crazy LOL

Super blue ocean ~~

Lovely pose =) and shoot by my darling

Couple shot #1

This is the super blue sea~ nice hor!!

So when we ride a bit further,
We reached Kata Karon beach
And my darlng ask me to write words on the sand
Here is it~

My super act cool pose = =
Actually the Sun is super hot
We didn't took a lot of beach photo =p

Where is this place?
Actually Is a hotel!? (i guess)
Is still in renovation progress
But we thought was a abandoned please LOL
So after the beach, we decided went back to Patong
We stop by here to take photo
Because this place is so nice and antique feel =)

Picto with a very HUGE door xD

Outside design~ cheerrss

I super love this lighting~

second love most =D

With a super BIG.....

The glass is actually a door
We actually want go out took
But because is renovating
The door actually makes quite a sound = =
So beside door shoot =)

back to the main door again
Picto #1

Super nice feel photo oh #2

Couple shot #2

Because the weather is DAMN hot
We stop by a stall to drink coconut drink
And is not actually hot but you can feel your skin burning
So we decided to went indoor

When I went inside only saw there is a big ship inside STUCKED!?

This shop is so colorful and fashionable design xD

Sayy cheese =D

Outside the shop =)

Sweet pose =D

This two sit beside the bushes is super leng took by my darling ~
Got super good lighting ma xD


Our lunch stop by a restaurant at Jungcelyon =D
The lighting in that shop was super antique and nice!!

Me so concentrate looking on the menu =D

Okay, the restaurant name is Spice House
Actually the row there was many restaurant but
My darling boy say want to eat something local so we come to this restaurant

And I order one super jeng drink~
Lemon + mint~
It was super refreshing~
So here comes our sour face

My second day lunch~

Very nice and shine lighting~

My darling dish~

My side face~

My cute face LOL

Peace face =)

After a walk at JUNGCELYON
Our motorbike outside was kena Lock by police
Kena saman at Patong pulak~~
No choice bii have to go pay the saman 500baht
And I continue to shop around that area
I bought the naraya bag
That I super crazy of xD
Later we back to hotel to nap again~

The evening look of Patong =)

I still super love the sign of the shop~
Another feel of Phuket ^6^

My darling say another side of Phuket is they have many wire ==
I mean A LOT~ A BUNCH~~

Saw this blue TUk TuK that i super love
So i took the photo~
Tuk Tuk is their teksi in PATONG
I have not sit before because our transport is motorbike xD

Our evening couple shot =D

We reach Phuket FantaSea xD
My emo look = =

The menu of the theme park~

With the ticket booth ~

The magic mountain ~

A pond of fish~
SUper many and look colorful!!

With one of the entertainer =p

Our dinner xD

Dinner shot~
The ticket include the buffet dinner
The place was super grand de!!

Photo with the waitress =)

We spent 1 hour to eat our delicious dinner xD

Super cute elephant souvenir lol~ 

here one of my shot with da cute elephant =D

This is where we are gonna see the show of Phuket Fantasea place.
It is very nice design with elephant.

Here is a second floor small cafe.
I found it quite cute so we decided to went up and took photo =)

When we sit inside their table
Bii saw the back light very nice =)

This is a bar that is bluee color!!
Super like their color with the LED lighting.

This shop a lot of crystal and gold statue inside~
That are super nice!!

Gold horse statue ~

Inside shop is white lighting that are super suitable for a photo =)

Panda crystal ~

Parrot ~

A big wan!!

There stand a model promote their accessories ~LOL
Super big head accessories ler~

Me and her~

Why am I make uping!!??
Because I saw this shop that they supply Thai cloths for customer and take photo.

I was so thrilled and wanted to try it for FUN!!
One person 900baht which are quite cheap~
2 person will be 1400baht
Because we left 30 minutes till the show start
Just me only~

Smile =)

My whole set of thai cloths xD
super leng~~~~
I love it, I love accessories so much.
That this are certainly catch my eye ^6^

Outside photo shooting~
The worker train to do all in one example:
Make up, changing and photo shooting = =

Thai pose #1

Thai pose #2

Ask to help us take together too xD

This want is indoor shooting =)

After the shooting over, I go up and change.
My darling help me took some nice photo too~


This was after the show~
After the photo shooting, we rush to the show place xD
The show was SUPERB =)
Although some part maybe boring, because they dance the traditional dance xD
But overall was good =D cheers
Love elephant so much, they are so kind and cute animal !!

This is fake~~~

This place is a game station~
We didn't manage to went in so just took photo~

We went back to the van 10:30pm
We are the last couple though, so place are limited.
We sat separated =(
The driver was driving like MAD!!
Because the road are super steep and he keep want to cut Q~
With a very fast speed and keep pom other van too = =
What am I doing though = =
I just sleep inside the Van like nobody business =D



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