3rd day at Phuket, start to feel sad because the holiday at Phuket gonna end soon~ =(
Today 18th of June, It is actually me and darling 1st year anniversary =D In this special day, we really do something excited and very very CI KEK~ That is, we are out to sea today =DD LOL Actually I feel very normal and happy with today activities=) The van come to fetch us on time,in the mean time they fetch other ppl too~ The labor is actually quite far from Patong. We travel around 1 hour to reach that place, it is called AsiaMarina. We need to rent the leg fin when snorkelling and happy pill in case you feel like vomit when you re in boat xD

This is our driver of the day, he is very GENG~ I mean the way he drove the boat and hit the Big wave. The wave was super wavy but I sit infront, I mean just beside HIM~ hahaha. I was feeling super excited because the speedboat was up and low all the way ~haha. 

The destination of each place I really can't recall, but I knew that because the wave is too big we can't enter the cave~ Instead we went to another place, as shown as the photo.

The oceans are in blue and greenish color, that are super nice =)

Guess what, I'm wet even I'm not in the sea yet xD because the wave splash into the speed boat, nearly everyone inside was wet ~~

Beside our speedboat, there are other speedboat too, many tourist went into the sea already =D

Me in life vest before~

Into the oceans =D having so much fun, it was so cooling~~

Couple shot in the sea xD

After a 30 minutes swim, we went off the place to Phi Phi Don, we pass by this cave. The guide says that last time its open for tourist to visit. But he say some one found painting inside and the place is close for further explore.

We reach Phi Phi Don beach, the journey between island to island is just around 15-20 minutes.

The monkey beach =D The monkey here is super fierce so we can't touch the monkey here~ One of the kids actually got bitten by the monkey~ and its from our boat =( LOL The boy cries super loud and having massive pain on hiis hand. Euwwww, I go to see and his hand got blood and flesh LOL.

The cliff~

One cute photo before we went off, after the incident. Our guide ask us to go on board and need to go to nearby hospital . That is Phi Phi don~

Our timetable was mess up after the incident, LOL. We bring that child to the hospital and went for lunch earlier at Phi Phi Don. This photo was took after lunch =)

No lies, the sea and the beach was soooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL~~~~~~

So with the beach hat and sun glasses, having fun taking nice photo =)

My Fat Hao look xD

Landscape look =) Many fisherman boat behind ~

Couple shot =D

Boats =)

Couple shot beside the beach ~

Saw this interesting board here ~

Another view from the other side =D

After lunch at Phi Phi DOn, we went to Maya Bay for snorkeling~ First time snorkeling, a bit nervous because don't actually know how to use the tools for snorkeling == hahaha. But when you start get use to it then you will be having a lots of FUN!! You will se a LOTs of beautiful fishes swimming around~ and got bitten by fishes too! haha

Before that, the guide saw our boat got families with children along. He offer and tell us that there are a Big Ship At Phi Phi Don that they can sit back to the island. So they actually too the ship back. 

Due to the weather, we are not able to snorkel long also. The sky turn grey, and we need to be on board and went to another destination. The wave actually getting stronger and stronger, I'm getting scare too ~ One girl keep scream non stop because the speed boat get wavy >.< I can't stop holding bii hand and keep pray inside my heart. I actually think no matter what happen I still got my darling beside me ~ We start wear the life vest too~~ The wavy and hiccups continue, our body just keep up and down non stop, buttock also pain. My knee and hand also kena bang onto the boat =(

Around 30 minutes journey, finally we reach safely at Khai Nok Islang. We need to stay there for 1 hour plus~ Me and darling are super exhausted with the ride, we actually just sit on the beach chair and rest.

Luckily the journey to the pier took around 15 minutes only, we actually sit behind of the boat instead of the front sit ~ haha, behind the hiccups are not strong than in front LOL~

Back to hotel and having a comfortable bath and prepare for second round~
Our 1st year anniversary celebration =D Cheers~ 
After a feeling of 大难不死, haha!

One sad part is, after the snorkeling, bii DsLr protect bag was cover by water~
The Dslr can't function~

After back from a hectic ride, our first local snack at Phuket =) Banana Pancake, was super nice and crunchy!!

The small change~

The restaurant that we having dinner =) Actually bii say suppose at the Skybar that located at the rooftop LOL, but due to rain so we went to their restaurant to have our perfect dinner ~

Today special is seafood platter, but we didn't order. xD

Wine section xD

While waiting the food =) we start to cam whoring ~

Super weird  knife for steak and salmon~ Can you guy guess which knife is for salmon? haha

My Hot chocolate, with butter cookie =D

They serve us with bread, a Lots~

My favorite soup, mushroom soup =

Salmon~ my dish =D

My darling dish~

I just saw this cute pose by my darling boy~ with da peace xD super cutee~

This two 2 singer are so professional =D with nice voice that we both like ^6^

After finish our dinner, suddenly the waiter bring out the cake. The first anniversary cake xD and with love shape. I was so happy but I feel a bit too full to finish all up >0<

Our sweet photo with da cake =D

another shot by the waiter =D Feel a bit pasieh because everyone notice and see how sweet we are =) Some more my darling tell others that we are marry 1 anniversary tim~ LOL

Super love this two singers =)

A group photo with them =D hope to see you guys again~

Surprise =D super love this portrait drawing~ hahaha. After the sweet dinner, we actually manage to finish up half of the cake xD We decided to walk around that area as we did not shop before xD Actually me and darling have the same idea to have this kind of drawing that we can keep and for our sweet anniversary =D This drawing of cause attract some tourist come and see, it just 200baht for two person =D

Our artist just spend 10 minutes of drawing of us xD

Ta dang~ was it cute?? We saw one stall beside the road sell this cute key chain and I choose this design =D because it remind me the day we ride motorbike together in Phuket~ Super sweet and cute memory xD

We pass by this hard rock cafe that I see so nice xD So we stop by and took photo. Because it was the  last night we are here. I even go and shop and buy 2 t shirt for my brother~ We went back around 11+pm and sleep~

Day 4 =D

Our hotel rooftop is with this beautiful scene and swimming pool~

Stall beside our hotel =D

Although is our last day, but we still want to ride and walk around the town =D And not forget to tell you guys~ Our waist and whole body are F**king PAIN~ Due to the ride yesterday!! T_______T

While we are walking around, i saw one massage center and I decided to go for a massage >0< Can't stand the pain of my waist and hand ~~ We massage for 1 hour and it was so comfortable because Thai traditional massage is super different then in Malaysia. At least the pain can reduce for temporary, better than nothing!

Last photo of the day =) Our van come and fetch us at 2pm, we reach airport around 4pm. Our flight was 5:30pm so we wait for the flight at burger king~ Sitting and chit chating with my darling~

Feel so happy and having a sweet memory with my darling boy~ Hope to visit Phuket again!


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