Hi peeps, gonna blog about my super love 18th Monthsary on the last day of March. hahaha! I postponed quite a lot of post and my Kk trip from last year until now also really upload the photos, lolol. This time our monthsary dinner was a bit special because we are gonna try some new food. Western food is a bit boring because we always eat also ma. So this time we are having monthsary steamboat at PV128 in a new Charcoal Steamboat. We reach there around 7pm and there was no people there also since is on the second floor. Not many notice this new steamboat place too!

No matter where we spend our monthsary or whatever Anniversary that we are gonna celebrate, what important is the Love that we have and able to spend time with Our Loves one.

It is a really normal steamboat shop but their cooking the steamboat with Charcoal. The soup they have 5 choices, Pork Bone Soup, Chinese Herbal Soup(every Monday), SiChuan Spicy Soup(every Tuesday and Saturday), Japanese Miso Soup(every Wednesday and Friday), Thai Tom Yam soup ( every Sunday). Because both of us can't really cannot stand the spiciness of the food so we choose the Pork Bone Soup, surprisingly the soup is very tasty and smell good lol! RM12 (whole) RM6(half)

We choose Set B and abit afraid that both of us can't finish the food. 

All the sets are just for 2 pax if you are with 3 friends and 2 pax should be enough. You can still add on some other steamboat dish as well. Set B is the moderate taste of food for everyone. Set A is mainly normal steamboat food, Set B is with a bit add on with seafood and Set C mostly is seafood set.

Some add on dish that we add. There are 4 small dish to choose 1 for free if you check in on their facebook page. xD

Their famous dish, Their special handmade meat ball they created. We choose a set comes with 3 different taste of the meatball. RM11++ Fire Diamond, Mars Ball and Mushroom Ball.

The design of their interior is a very simple greyish color and some of their board.

Is Charcoal under the Steamboat pot. The cooking time is a bit longer than normal stove cooking also ya. But the process of waiting is worth also because the essence of the pork rib really come out and the soup taste so nice lol!!

Because their special handmade meatball is only 2 for each of us. I shall try and slice out the meatball to see their ingredients!!

First one is the Mars Ball. Its spicy taste because they put the 麻辣 chili inside the balls. 

Next the mushroom balls!! My favorite mushroom ma. Super juicy mushroom and quite a lot mushroom also.

The Fire Diamond is actually charcoal made mall with egg yolk inside. When I saw I thought is the Japanese fish egg but is not. When I taste it only I realize is just an egg yolk, lol. haha! Overall the meatball taste is okay not that bad and quite special because is our first time try. You can't really eat it elsewhere also, haha!

Their outside shop design.

Our couple selfie of the night.

Is on the first floor lar, and purposely take this photo to let you guys know more about the shop and where it is located exactly.

Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant 炭火锅 PV128

PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6016-6513643 (Restaurant close on every Thursday except Public Holidays)
Today 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Long time didn't write a long post about us already. Time passes and 2nd year of being together is just a few months to go. Frankly we been having some argue and its kind of hurt our relationship. I know he probably don't like I telling this to everyone but just wanted to voice out what I really feel about all these. I might piss off and he might stress out and turns out things didn't work out. I think maybe I give him a lot of stress gua always want him to fetch me. I feel guilty and irresponsible about my own stuff. Did I just do something that I not suppose to do or what? I hope that I can still be his kai xin guo in his life and not some stressful burden to him. I am sorry for everything and hope when you see this you must know that I love you alot and God loves you too, my baby boy.

Till then

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