Hi lovelies, update my outfit post during Chinese New Year. If you have follow my Facebook, you will know that this blog have been lock by Google for 20 days. I am so so frustrated and I can't do anything but just wait for Google review. But I thanks Khar Nyee my blog designer for helping me in this matter. I have many pending post, I dare not accept invite through emails, it was quite a tough time because blogging is always been my passion and things I like to do.

Although this blog is locked, but I update my day at Dayre. Because I was so boring when I can't do blogging. I was so happy finally Google unlock back, I am not sure whether it is because of my new domain name. But nevertheless I am super grateful finally this matter is solve and I can still continue to BLOG!

How your's Chinese New Year? Is been a difficult for me as I go through many personal emotions and relationships problem. It hits me hard and I fall hard during these pass months.

Start with my Look 1 during this Chinese New Year. Although Cny have total of 15 days, but too bad I only have the chance to wear out 3 outfits. WHY LIKE THIS


Went out for dinner. I decided to wear this 2 pieces of dress together. It can also wear it separately if you want.

The length of the dress is just nice and suitable for formal events. Inside was lace layer and it can see through, hence advisable to wear a singlet dress inside. The lace material is not tight or itchy material, really comfy for me.

Red outer dress can be match with any white dress. Although when I wear the outer dress, my mum say I got big belly and ask me to wear just the white lace dress. LOL But I love the combination together, pretty and vintage style.

Dress from Candice Dressing
Heels and Bag from Twenty3

This year Chinese New Year, I have new pair of heels and bag from Twenty. Is my new love!!

A cousie selfie.


Is my brother and cousin yo!

Casual for this day! Wearing super comfy cartoon Sheep top and red pants still bringing the RED + WHITE in this festive season and never be wrong to wear like this.

Casual Sheep Top from Cotton On
Red High Waist Pants
Slip On Sneakers from Vivibunnie (instagram)
Bag from Twenty3


Red halter neck top! My first time wearing and at first I was afraid the material might be thick or hot, but is not the material is comfy and just warm enough for me because I am afraid of cold.

Red Rose Gold Bracelet.

Red Halter Neck Sweater from Twmall(Daigou65)
Apple Skirt from FOS
Heels and Bag from Twenty3

Lastly end my post with my peace post. Hope you guys like my CNY Outfit post. Although is not much, but I am still enjoying my Chinese New Year with my relatives. Many things just happen out of our boundaries, just continue to pray and let go but Let GOD.



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