Hi peeps, will be busy with outfit post recently. I know is was so late and delayed since my blog been locked and it's kind of effect of my mood. Makes me feels like NO BLOG NO LIFE. Finally I have my blog back, so Imma gonna update as frequent.

I am an emotional girl with lots of thinking and easily get confuse and stuck in the situation for some times especially I am alone. 

This year I am choosing a Purple Cheongsam, the reason I choose this color is because is been my favorite color of cause. The design is not like the traditional design of Cheongsam, instead it was made of details embroidery lace on the top design, and chiffon skater skirt design on the bottom.

Me and Gucci #poser

I specially choose this kind of design because I don't really like traditional Cheongsam design that are tight and fit, haha. I know I'm fat right.

This shooting take place in The Garden first and we went to  Mid Valley. Is my first time went to mall during Chinese New Year and I just have the sudden feeling that I how I miss Chinese New Year this year.

Heart this!

Chinese New Year season is all plum blossom and flowers!

Details on the top, It just too pretty to ignore and it is in purple lace details!!!

Wearing earing in pearl and blink design.

Got this big Purple Flower hairband on the stall at Mv. Just too pretty and suitable for my purple cheongsam look.

Chiffon material on the bottom. Is a flare skirt design!

My new pointy Gold Heels.


Purple Lace Flare Cheongsam from Curves Boutique
Gold Pointy Heels from N.i.n.e.t.y_s.i.x(instagram)



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  1. nice to see you back!! :D i love the dress, especially the top. and you can't go wrong with purple. It's my favorite color :)