Today post will be the outfit I wore last weekend. I always love fashion and love to get inspire by all the fashion tips, outfit, and latest trends nowadays. I love to follow fashion websites, fashion blogger because I can get inspire by their outfit. I am not a rich girl but I just love fashion. I always have many ideas how do I wear out and always have to think nicely what should I wear out too!

In this post you can see 2 different style of outfit I wear. I love midi skirts very much, because of its vintage and safer design. Maybe as we grow older, we tend to choose outfit that are comfortable and safer for us. But I still love to try different style and look on me too! 女人的青春有限,meaning the youth time for girl is short, if you don't dare to wear or do anything you like. You will regret when you are old!!

Is just been a long time since I wear midi skirt, I decided to wear it for my casual day out.

For short girl is always good to wear heels compare to wear flats to show more portion of your leg. It will make you look slimmer and taller. But since I have a long day to shop around, so I just wear my slip on.

Love to be as comfortable in my look.

Add some red polka dots hair band on my look. Purposely to choose because it has the same pattern with my midi skirt.

Behind the skirt they have this self tie ribbon too! Sorry because I think I tie it until very ugly, lol.

Love this Yellow door that makes my outfit stands out.

#sharonootd Details

Words Crop Top from Honey Bibi Closet
Polka Dots Navy Midi Skirt from TokyoFashion (Twmall)
Silver Slip On from Catworld (Twmall)

Selfie non stop.

Continue with my love on basic outfits.

The second look I keep in comfortable and minimalism look. With a Basic Slit Tee and Jeans is just create the basic look of the day.

Finally I have the chance to wear my new sneakers from New Balance!! My new love and since now everyone is wearing sport shoes. Sport shoes trend is back! I love how others wear sport shoes with their outfit. I will try once with dress or skirt soon!! 

Is Polka Dots again. Just can't have enough of polka dots. I love the shoe lace that is in bright mint color, the shoe design color is really contrast and I really love it!!

Details of my Basic Slit Grey Tee. I wanted to try basic look in my outfit but at the same time I hope to choose some special Tee like this!!

The bottom part is flowy with the slit part. The material of the top is surprisingly thick and comfy too.

Tying the half bun hairstyle today. Hope to achieve korean style look. 


Basic Grey Slit Tee from Shoploooh
Jeans from Tokyofashion (Twmall)
New Balance 996 from Boundlezz_unlimited

Hope you guys love my 2 weekends look. Give a thumbs up like below if you like my post. It will be a great encouragement for me to have more post!!



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  1. Nice outfit you have! I agree with you. we need to wear whatever feel comfortable. Don't just chase the fashion blindly!

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  2. Lovely outfit.... add me back k...

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  4. very cute! the first is my favorite. very vintage and retro and glam all at the same time. :) xoxox

  5. love ur outfit, u r so cute and ur smile is adoreable ^^