[Fashion] Blue + White Sailor Outfit

A short post of my Sunday outfit. This week I am not serving and I can wear any cloths I want! haha I do a shooting about my Bangkok haul few days ago and I forget to take the other outfit I bought from Bangkok. So I decided to wear it out to church and have a shooting for it. 

How do you spend your weekend?

I love this bridge that connect the parking lot to the mall.

My fringe is way too long already, I wanted to cut the 空气刘海 meaning the Korean Fringe that recently got pretty famous recently. I am think to either got for that or should I just try let my fringe grow because all the 24 years I never been having my fringe long, lol.

Details of the dress. I not quite sure should I call it a dress because  it just looks like romper to me. The top collar of the outfit is in V-shape that is good for slimmer face look. Although the collar is a bit big and quite open up, so is a must to wear a tube or singlet inside

The sheer sleeve part, can't tell you guys how much I love sheer. Especially this dress got the whole sleeve with sheer and makes this outfit looks sexy and princesses. The sleeve design is like a princess bubbly sleeve design too.

Accessories of the day. My favorite Butterfly Necklace.

My favorite Gudu Heels too.

I feels like a OL after tying up my hair with this outfit. I still not use to wear short skirt or dress, if I have to I always always wear with either safety pants or stocking. I really like this outfit and feel happy that I bought it at Bangkok. I still remember this is the last piece cloth I but from Platinum Mall, haha! 

Although this outfit look a bit big for me but I just love how it can be casual and applicable to work too! Maybe I am starting older, nowadays don't like fitting or tight outfit on me and short skirts on me anymore. I love to be in more comfortable outfit yet able to style with many look.

My #sharonootd Details

Blue and White Sailor Dress from Bangkok
Belt from Bangkok
Butterfly Necklace
Gudu Heels from Twenty3
Carlo Rino Handbag



  1. wow this dress is so vintage!


  2. I love the dress. you look so cute! The necklace look so beautiful too. ^^


  3. Cute dress!! <3