Good day my fellow friends, how's your weekend going on? Yesterday I was having an enjoyable breakfast with my friend and have the chance to go shopping at H&M too. Although the rain suddenly poured out around Kl town and many people was stuck in indoor. The rain start when I was just finish paying for my haul and I wanted to go Pavilion also.

I finally got a denim jacket and pants that I want. I even got a fringe top because of the Coachella music festival at other country, that are all about Fringes, Lace, and Bohemian style! H&M have many bohemian cloths and accessories for the special event although we don't have this festival in our country. But nevertheless, I really love fringe alot and wanted to find fringe top that I really like. So I got this white lace and fringe top too!

I can't believe that after 2 hours of walking, my leg feel sore and tired once I reach home. Start to feel old already because I remember during school time I usually walk from 11am until evening time 5 or 6pm, LOL. But now even few hours and I did take some rest, my leg still feel sore after the walking. 

A little update of what I wear last week. Dress code with white top and black bottom. Monochrome is never go out of style and it always the top match color. Because it was that easy black and white is a PERFECT match together and to be frankly I think these 2 colors can match with any pattern or color you want!

It was actually a High Low sleeveless tank top.

I love the long design of the back of the tank top because it can cover our buttock fats and make our back looks slimmer and longer look too!

The material of the top is quite thick and not easy to be see through. I guess most Zalora basics wear material is always so comfy and thick. So you don't have to worry of shopping online because Zalora always serve with best design and quality. That's what make me love shopping at Zalora.

I love my hair today. Suppose to do the fringe more neat and tight but because I have to wake early morning, so I have not many time to redo and done it nicely. So I just use a black hair pin to secure my fringe.

I have try Benefit Roller Lash on that day too! Superb nice and convenient mascara.

Should be wearing long black pants but change to my favorite black skort later. I always love this Skort, it was easy to match and since it was a skort design it makes me feel safer with the pants inside. Although sometime people will misunderstand of wearing skirt from the outside, but when you open the slit it was a pants design.

Black boots with heels.

Accessories of the day.

My #sharonootd details
High Low Tank Top | Zalora
White Cardigan | Supermodelwardrobe
Black Skort | Phat Culture
Coachella Necklace | H&M
Black Heels Boot | Singxfashion

Wish you guys a great weekend!



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