Another outfit post with Wardrobemess. Just like I mention in the previous post that I bought outfit that actually can wear many different outfit. This is the another outfit style I really like. Crop and Culottes actually looks good together. Why do I say so?? You can find the answer when you keep reading 

Can't tell you guys how much I love the top! Super chic and modern Hello Kitty street style.

Culottes is super comfy and easy matching for any top.

The design is in straight and sleek design. It will make your whole look super slim and tall look.

I love how the crop top show how slim my waist because the culottes already covers up my flabby tummy. That is why I say crop and culottes is a perfect match. Crop can enhance your slim waist line and Culottes covers your flabby tummy and big ass.

My whole look details.

Hello Kitty Crop Top | Wardrobemess
White Culottes | Wadrobemess
White frame Sunglasses | H&M
White Platform Sandal | Taiwan
Black Bucket Bag | Zalora

Another close details of the crop top, haha! I know I spam alot of this crop top meaning I really love it a lot. Still a bit sad because can't own this whole set with the Hello Kitty skort due to defection. As we start to grow older, our fashion sense keep change as well. Last time, I am still a fan of any Hello Kitty top or Tee. Now I tend to look for more mature design and yet the uniqueness of the design that I want to wear and bring out. 

The culottes is my new love! Nowadays you can see culottes anywhere, I am starting to collect culottes because it was so comfortable to wear!! I am looking for knee length culottes, pattern culottes because thinking of not going just plain color.

I straight fall in love with this pattern!! So gonna bought it home~~ Blue or Black Leafs?

If you think the leaf pattern is too stands out, try go for stripes design. Not too plain but with a bit of stripes on it.

Culottes in denim material design!! Omigawd I love the denim design too, especially the light denim really kills and rock the look. The darker color seems more mature and formal look.

Looking for a nude color culottes as well. I find this cutting and design is super nice.

From Shoploooh

From Taobao.

A knee length culottes that I already buy. But I haven't wear out yet, I love the light blue color because looks super sweet color. I will try this knee length culotte on my next lookbook video. If you guys want to know where to buy all these culottes I share, you can direct pm me through facebook or drop a comment down below. Hope you guys like my post and sharing!



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  1. I love ur HK crop top, its really cute. That perfectly matches with ur culottes ^^
    Great outfit Sharron ^^

  2. I find your site so great, I got you subscribe immediately. =)
    maybe you fancy a F4F?
    would be happy.