Today will be a fashion post that is my favorite of all. After my first Lookbook video, I have created another Lookbook Video on my youtube channel too. I was really thankful for all your support for spending few minutes on my video. I am still a new youtuber and on progress learning how to edit and hope to learn new things too.

I am not a girl that fancy on expensive or branded cloths. After I have try the first time shopping at Taobao, I have literally addicted to shopping at Taobao already. Their clothes is so cheap and for quality wise you can always check on their comment. Because from there you can see the true quality of their cloths. 

I have bought 2 culottes from that same Taobao shop. It was love in first sight!! If you have follow me and read my fashion post, you will know I am a fan of comfortable cloths. How can I not love Culottes since the trend of culottes is coming back and their comfy is what I love too.

I film 4 outfit in this video because I bought 2 color of the culottes. Sky Blue is for a more casual look and recently I start to fall in love with sky blue and pink color. Hope to try a whole sky blue or pink outfit one day. Another color I choose is Dark Blue for a more formal look for school or work. 

Both of the culottes come with stripes design. The stripes is white in color and can't really be seen on this sky blue culottes.

My first outfit is go with casual look with normal tee. The Luna Tee is so cute right! Actually the color is a bit out of shape but you can't notice it from far. The material is not too thin for me as I am wearing bra singlet inside. 

My yellow bag from Taobao too. If you are a Korean Fashion Fan, you will know the design is actually from PlayNoMore. But I get it from Taobao so you guys know its authentic. I love the cute eye design with the blink sequin. Thinking of getting a clutch of its design too from a Taiwan websites. I choose yellow because the color stands out more among the other color.

I skip the second outfit because didn't have any make up on the look. But you can see it from the video by the end of the post. Third outfit I am using horizontal stripes and match with the parallel stripes culottes to create the stripes look in this outfit.

The top comes in crop design and I got it like RM10 at Jonker Street. Until now it was still my favorite. This Culottes is super comfy as it does not even have zip. The design comes in elastic design and you can style it as high waist or even normal waist line.

The design makes me looks slim and show more part of my leg compare to long culottes. If you afraid long culottes might make you look shorter. Try this knee length culottes instead!

Last outfit finally show the dark blue culottes design! The white stripes is more obvious and gives more mature look.

I really love this culottes design as they create slim look with the stripes design on the culottes too.

Didn't take close details of my top it was actually a V neck white blouse. V neck shirt actually makes your chin looks slimer too. Really love the top with the comfy style.

That's all for my outfit match with my new love culottes. Hope you guys love my outfit! 

The details outfit is all on my youtube video. You can drop by a comment if you want to buy this super comfy and nice culottes. I highly recommend as the quality is really nice and comfortable. 

Culottes is new trend now! Grab a culottes if you have not own it yet.



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  1. I always want to try doing lookbook video but nobody helps me to film. :(((( Your boyfriend is so good!!!!!

    1. haha <3
      You still got your sister and mother maaa

  2. omg!! Love the dark blue with white stripes culotes, love how you match it white the white top! So chic! <3 and your lookbook video is awesome!

  3. ahhh the Luna tee is really cute ^^
    u look cute and I think its perfect , envy youu T^T I cant use short culottes haha

    1. hey anyone can wear it and style it is just depends you dare to wear or not xD
      you can do it girl!!

  4. You look awesome in those culottes!
    Great lookbook post and video, cant wait for more <3

  5. Thats very pretty! xxx

  6. Love this! ♥
    You are making me jealous, pretty!

  7. I loved the first two shirts you have a beautiful style kisses