I had already stop my weekend outfit for a good old 3 weeks!! Need to catching here more on my blog, to conclude my Christmas outfit for this year Christmas Outfit, I will share 2 outfits here in this post. There's a lot of new clothes I bought during 11.11 and I only manage to get my parcel after more than a month. The parcel lateness somehow is a good thing for me. I can have a lot of new outfits to wear coming months till Chinese New Year. For now, I just have to get one cheongsam to wear for Chinese New Year.

Christmas is my favorite season and is the season of love and giving too! Although this Christmas my bf is not here for me, is time for both of us catch up with our friends and family during this Christmas too.

The first outfit is what I wear during the Pablo event. Not so Christmassy feel but more to blue Christmas with a blue top and denim skirt. Whereas the bag was in khakis and accessories was all in black.

Top design inspired by the pajamas top again. I manage to get blue and red color for this top. The cutting was slightly loose and big collar design too. I love wearing top that are loose for me and definitely love the cutting of this top. 

Material wise it was not thick but it does not stand any heat as well. Plus I easily get sweat and this top definitely not feel comfortable for me when I am sweating.

I pair it with my front button denim skirt which I didn't wear it quite a while. Since my top part is loose, wear a straight tight line skirt to balance out the whole look. It's time for me to keep fit since the skirt is getting tighter for me. 

Since overall outfit tone is more to cool color, I bring out my khakis English style bag to match with my whole look.

Wear my new heels today. Doesn't look nice when I wear it but I love it a versatile way of wearing this. I will try to wear this heels more often from now on.

Visit Awesome Canteen after Pablo! This is a cafe that is so photo worthy haha, I spend a lot of time taking a lot of photos inside the cafe.

Outfit Details

Blue Pajamas Top | Joyce Shop
Bottom | Taobao
Bag | Twenty3
Shoes | Joyce Shop
Choker | Tokki Ant

Next outfit is another my favorite Christmas Outfit! Totally looks like a Christmas tree when I wear the top. I never have a green top and when I scroll through one of my favorite insta shops, I manage to saw this beautiful embroidery green top. 

Close details of the top. It was not an off-shoulder top, it was half off-shoulder top. Because it was not much of shoulder shown, it just drop until the end of your collar bone. What I love is that it was not too sexy but somehow it flaunt your collar bone as well. The material is really comfy and comes in thick cotton.

I match my top with the skirt I bought from WEGO in Japan. I never wear this skirt before after I bought it. I love its checker's pattern and the plaids patterns, somehow it was very Christmas feel too. The plaids are so flaunted and cute too!

Outfit Details

Top | Moira's Boutique (Instagram/Jaya Pop Store)
Skirt | WEGO
Choker | Own
Headband | Kaison
Heels | Zalora
Bag | Japan magazine

At last, I wear a Reindeer Headband to complete my Christmas tree outfit! Love this Green and Christmas plaids outfit match together. It brings out the whole Christmas feel and looks. I feel so much joy and happiness each time when I hear Christmas Song in the mall and in church too!

Time to appreciate God's love and Celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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  1. Your second outfit looks totally Christmays! I am unsure if you should wear it at any other time. LOL

    1. I think the top I will wear to work! haha no worries XD

  2. I love the way you carry your whole outfit it looks perfect on you. It gave me an idea what outfit I will wear at work.

  3. You sure do have a lot of outfits to wear.
    On the first look i'm so going gaga on that Bag, I will have to look for it. I think i'd rock it. and the last look is indeed christmassy, everything worked and you rocked it.
    I hope you had a great xmas.

  4. Cute outfit! Love the khaki bag :)

  5. I love all of your outfits! My favorite holiday is also Christmas and I really like your Christmas sweater it looks good on you. :)

  6. Love your OOTD! I enjoy dressing up too but too lazy to take OOTDs pictures. Keep it up babe!

    1. I know! Totally understand the laziness part haha Thanks babe!!

  7. I seriously love loose tops and I prefer the "pajamas" combo...that heels looks cool for the overall look... <3

  8. you always know how to dress up to look amazing... so pretty...

  9. I'm planning to buy a chocker necklace as well, look so fashionable nowadays ;)

  10. nice looks! I prefer the second one too. very Christmassy feel

  11. All the OOTDs are so cute. They suit you very well. Loved that checked skirt.

  12. Nice outlook! Keep it up.

    Happy New Year.


  13. Love the handbag! and the christmas outfit looks stylish in a festive way

  14. I like the bag, have been wanting to get something similar too :)