Gonna make some time for my weekend outfit post. Today look will be a really simple one piece cold shoulder dress that I bought from one facebook online clothes store. The price is pretty reasonable for me and I bought total 3 outfits from there too! I wanted to keep it for my CNY outfit. Hope that I can wear and update you guys soon!

Today photo is taken at Publika and feels so happy to able to enjoy my favorite Okonomi Sushi Roll as well. Stay tuned on my blog will share my favorite dishes from Okonomi soon.

I miss photo shooting with my love. Love this 2 photos taken in white light surround with transparent glass.

Didn't really take close details of the dress but overall design is similar with off shoulder top but is not. The trend of the cold shoulder was also a hit too. I wanted to get this similar one from twenty3 but too bad they run out of size. 

There are few color choices too, at first of wanted to get a denim material. I found that I have really less denim material outfit to wear. Wonder when can I found one denim outfit that I really like.

Luckily manage to found one similar cold shoulder dress from chouni.ent from Facebook. The design of cold shoulder top is a combination of spaghetti and off shoulder top. 

If you don't get used to wearing an off-shoulder dress or you simply not suitable to wear because you have a wide shoulder, you can always try this kind of cold shoulder dress. It helps on slimmer your shoulder and the sleeve on your arm can hide the butterfly sleeve that needs to be hidden!

Love my makeup on that day because I manage to draw super long and sharp eyeliner which makes my eyes looks alluring and big too!

My super candid post for this outfit!

Outfit Details

Cold Shoulder Dress | choui.ent
Bag | Twenty3
Heels | Charles & Keith

See you in my next outfit post!

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