Time for a refreshing weekend outfit of the week, I wear this really pretty dress to Markets 21. Surprisingly everyone loves this dress once I posted on my social media! I think this is my second time posted here as my weekend outfit, the first time I wear it with a crop top in it because the design top of the dress was rather sexy and cooling.

This time round I wear the dress straight away, although it was sexy and cooling but it was still bearable to wear. If I was feeling cold, I will just wear my cardigan along.

The photos of this outfit is slightly darker because of the surrounding light are dimmer. Today outfit was a casual and girly outfit. Why do I say so because I didn't wear the white heels I always wear with dress. I wear this with my favorite white sandal. Of cause I am using one of my favorite bag out too. 

A funny pose with my outfit.

Close details of my outfit. This dress is really pretty with white flower pattern all over the dress. Since I am not a very slim girl, the pattern actually makes me look more slim and pocket is definitely a bonus mark for this dress! I can't describe the dress pattern but is somehow was cover with leaves or flowers.

Halter neck is one of my favorite design top as it shows the shoulder and neck part which I was really proud of! haha

Today accessories is all about white daisy to match with my white patternize dress.

Wear this beautiful white daisy from Aurelia Atelier, follow them on Instagram. Will specially write a post about all their elegant and classy earring from Korea. Stay tuned for it ya! I love how elegant these white daisy earrings with bubble design with all white crystals.

Outfit Details

Dress | Novela
Bag | Twenty3
Sandal | Chanwon.com
Necklace | Own
Earrings | Aurelia Atelier


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