Time for a weekend update post on March. Recently have not been posted much on my blog, let me get straight to the right point. First thing first is I have nothing much to blog about recently, kinda sad but is true. The second thing is I am packed with work and classes after work. Which makes me wanted to rest and chill more rather than spending time more on my blog. 

There are always something that is more important that you wanna do, so we just have to learn how to prioritize our stuff. Most importantly, stay healthy, stay chill and stay happy!

Today outfit will be a black boho style. Can't really say it's totally a boho style because I mix and match with one of my recent buy the duo tone jeans. I am not sure about others when come to mixing outfit, sometimes I always tend to think about the top + bottom that I would want to wear and how I gonna match with. I do have times where I want to simply wear any outfit also la.

Since I am a lover of wearing trumpet jeans recently, I got hook up with this duo tone color one! I love the design and color combi of this. It was really outstanding and unique too. I am growing horizontally which I start to wear pants/jeans in M size. 

My favorite khakis bag with tassel. I am feeling quite with my bag recently, need to look for a new bag now. Excuses for me to shop more!

If you have noticed, I actually have less blacktop in my wardrobe. I am not quite fond with any blacktop and if I decide to buy the black top which means I really like the black top. 

Recently I got really into embroidery, whenever I saw outfits with embroidery design I would definitely fall in love with it!! Although this two embroidery pattern is not truly embroidered on the top, the white embroidery actually compliments this plain blacktop.

Another boho piece is my tassel boots! I rarely wear this out but after I got the top and this looks like a perfect match for my boho top. I love tassels add the free and easy casual look on this boots.

I use quite sometimes to look for a tassel boots that I really like. The review for this boots is not much and not really convincing but I decided to just go for it. The outcome was pretty satisfying!

Overall I love this matching. I called it as Black Boho which was quite a mystic name, not the dark kind of outfit. It's just simply fit the color and the style I trying to bring out. Love the tassel boots which caught a lot of attention when I wear it, haha!

Outfit Details

Top | Somethingborrowed (Zalora)
Bottom | Daywear (Facebook)
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Zalora

Till Then.

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  1. Love the whole outfit!! the shoes, the bag and the necklace go oh so well with the whole look! Love it!

  2. I love your top and those white embroidery gives that sexiness-look :)

  3. I love embroidery motifs as well. Plus the two toned pa to really bring out the top. Good job.

  4. Love your top and that jeans...so 'in' right now. Gorgeous outfit!

  5. I absolutely love your top! I probably can't carry off the jeans but they look awesome on you!

  6. Eh, I love your boots and jeans. So stylish.

  7. nice outfit as usual... you pull it off so effortlessly.....

  8. Boho is a must once in a while I assume. Just to be something we are not. You nailed it!

  9. Wow! So stylish Sharon :) really nice out fit, love ur boots especially ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. The top and tasselled boots looks great on you. Great detailing on the top as well.

  11. omg i love your khakis bag. How much is the price? Gonna check this one at zalora.

  12. love your bag! i'm looking for one too.

  13. I love your top! Will get one for myself too hehe

  14. Love your boho look babe. Looking stunning as ever