Barely squeeze time for blog nowadays, works seems to be unfinished even though you keep on working on. Might as well just let yourself to rest when you are at home. Today weekend outfit is different from what I used to wear. You should have seen me in pants and dress all the time. I recently just bought pair gray short pants that are only RM 19 from Reafash. 

Grey color is one of the non-favorable colors when you comes to outfit matching. Although they sell different color of pants there, but for me I would want to try the gray color and try to achieve some classy look with this new gray shorts. Besides this look, I wear the gray pants for another look too last week. 

Today look will be a really feminine and artistic look with white top, cardigan and slip on. Matching white color with gray it just makes the looks more artistic and comfortable to look at too. It was quite a rare sight to see me in gray and white matching colors. Wearing cardigan to cover my fat and flabby arms.

The no cardigan look. As usual, cardigan and jacket are compulsory to bring whenever I head out. Since I am wearing a sleeveless top, might as well of keeping me warm I can use it to cover my flabby arms too.

Going all into the Grey Zone. Lucky enough to find a similar black and white backdrop when I was in Sunway Putra Mall.

Close details of my outfit. I have been wearing and matching different outfits with this white top. It just fits perfectly with any bottom I wear! The material was in chiffon and it does not see be see through easily. Comfortable and Chic is what I can conclude from the top.

I admit I did gain weight. Wearing M size pants is not something I proud of, time to diet before wedding take place. This pair of shorts comes in high waisted design, with back zipper. Overall was really comfy and easy to move around. The material was thick and does not see through too!

Grey Tote Bag and White Slip on.

Another haul I get from Reafash is this beautiful marble drop earrings. I always wanted to get a pair of marble earrings! This was only RM 12 which for me is consider cheap. The quality of this earrings is really good. Doesn't feel heavy at all which is the concern I always take note. Look how pretty this pair of earrings are! I might be falling in love with Marble Prints recently.

Another selfie I love! Everything is so on point.

Love this simple wall design with Audrey Hepburn Portrait.

Outfit Details

Top | My Own Wardrobe
Pants | Reafashmy (Instagram)
Bag | Japan
Shoes | Taiwan (Rainbow shop)
Earrings | Reafashmy (Instagram)

Before ending my post, I visited a really nice cafe, Kopenhagen Cafe at Mont Kiara, enjoy girls date here. 

Till Then.


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  1. Your bag really matches the short pants. I don't have a pair of pants like this. Should get it but my butt is big. :(

  2. Your white and grey outfit really matches well with the background. The cafe looks really classy as well :)

  3. very nice mix and match! It doesn't look like only RM 19 leh!

  4. wow Sharon! You are so stylish lah :) I like the total picture! Thumbs up babe :)

  5. Love your outfit! And lovely marble earrings you have!

  6. You are very beautiful and cool! Looks as model! :) Great.

  7. I love your white top, its so you. The grey short pants are pretty cool also.