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Blue Ruffle Weekend Outfit OOTD #59

For today weekend outfit I will update on my Birthday Outfit on 28th June! I know it was quite a throwback event but I haven't got the chance to share this outfit out. You can say I am all in for this outfit. Looking back to my outfit post the past months. I've been wearing so many 2 layers outfit since then. I shall continue to my love for 2 layers outfit haha!

If you are curious on where I go celebrate my birthday at, you can click here to read more.

If you ask me what style of outfit I like? I will tell you it changes according to my mood. I don't want to be set in one style whenever people look at you, I want to be as versatile as I can. I want to wear whatever outfit I like whatever outfit I can wear. I definitely go all out whenever I am wearing my weekend outfit. 

If you are new on my blog or see me during weekdays, you will see me with my everyday daily look to work. But during weekends, I will spend more time to make myself looks good, wear the outfit I love, play with makeup that I like. That is why I started with Weekend Outfit post in my blog! The weekend is the perfect time for me to shine.

When I first eyeing on this outfit, I know that I must own it haha! It was super kawaii and the ruffles layers details on the dress are such a kill! It seems like I am not over with my love of Serenity color.

The inner top is not a set together with the outer dress. It's the way they match it with and I am all in. I also finally got myself an embroidery rose top too! It's like 2 bird in one stone because both of the outfits compliment each other.

White color is the best matching color whenever it comes to matching an outfit. I love how match this whole outfit on their Instagram. Basically, whenever I saw an outfit that is in blue and whites, I will definitely crazy over it. If you have been following their page, they always sell a lot of pretty blue dress, white and blue stripes outfit all over their feed. I just can't stop my love for their store!!

My happy candid smile whenever I am happy around with my love.

I am wearing my new mules from Charles and Keith!! Finally, I have a pair of mules that I've been dying to own it for the longest time. I specially dedicate to my must buy brand Charles and Keith every year. Although I always feel weird to see my foot with mules, I've been receiving few compliments of me wearing this pair of mules. 

Details of my mules, I love that behind there are crystal clear heels. It makes this pair of mules more elegant and feminine in the same time. It considers as mid heels and easier to wear and walk around too.

That's all for my throwback weekend outfit for my Birthday Celebration. Thanks for dropping by again!

Outfit Details

Top and Dress |
Heels | Charles & Keith



  1. You look very young with the outfit.
    Anyways, i like your hair style.

  2. Your outfit is so kawaii dear ! I also have been thinking to get a pair of mules but don't think I know how to make it work on my flat flat feet. XD

    1. I totally get it! I always struggle to style it haha

  3. It looks great on you! You always put so much effort into dressing up and taking OOTD photos

  4. Such a cute outfit. Wonder if it would look good on me 🙈

  5. honestly i love your outfit!!! Looks cute on you <3

  6. You look soo cuteeee la sharon in this outfit. Sesuai sangat rambut you tu. comel hehehe

    Anyway, happy belated birthday! :)

  7. So adorable lah! I was hoping for more mix and match idea. Hehehe.....

  8. Such a pretty cute outfit. Glad you had fun that day!

  9. wah... u look so sweet in this... i like it... - racheal

  10. I mad love your pair of blue-purple tone mules!! I feel like it's a mules that complement the entire look .

    1. Yes dear! Eyeing for it quite some while and surprisingly since I got the outfit,is all coordinate well together!

  11. I really love your outfit! Just love your taste


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