Is my 60th post of my weekend post in my blog!! I've definitely used a lot of time and passion to maintain and keep this special segment on my blog. The determination and passion are something I would never give up especially to the things that I love. My weekend outfit post will be still going on strong in my post. Thanks to everyone who read and like my outfit I post and share on my blog here! Hope to bring more surprises outfit inspired look for you guys.

Today post is like the upgrade version of my weekend outfit because all the photos are taken from my hubby DSLR. For picture quality, it is really good and high quality too. Thanks to my hubby and hope for more fashion shoot with him again.

If you notice there's different filter in this post for each of the pictures is just mainly because I can't choose which filter is up to my liking. Each of the photos lightings of the restaurant is different therefore certain filter match with the different lighting in the restaurant. 

Instead of using the same all filters for all my pictures, I choose only the best and nice filter for each the perfect angle and shot!

I had mentioned previously in my post that my fashion style always changes according to my mood. I can be as wild as I like, or can be as girly as I like too! In today outfit, I find myself achieving another level of trying and experience in my weekend outfit. It was not my usual outfit I will wear but definitely the outfit I will want to try and challenge. 

Even in the yellowish and cornered of the restaurant, the filter is still so pretty and not too over powering.


All the blurry shots with the leaves are definitely my favorite too! My hubby loves playing with blurry effect with the item around while he shoots me.

It's been a while since our official DSLR shooting together and definitely there will some angle I would like him to shoot for me. Although the outcome is not what I want, there are also pictures which are really pretty and nice.


My fat belly is popping out.

Here's some of the favorite fashion insight I would like to share. Feeling more love for checkers and stripes recently, and this gingham off shoulder tops is my love at one sight. It was designed in Off-Shoulder and Ruffles all around it, it was just so me! It was crop too and it's best to match it with high waisted jeans.


I hope that you will notice that underneath the ripped jeans, I am wearing a fish net stocking! I know it was so famous in Europe but it was not in Malaysia. I got this fish net stocking from Taobao for quite some and I can't find a pair of nice ripped jeans to match with!! If only I could show more of my fish net details on my waist which is a fashion trend too but my hubby won't allow me to do so. Tsk tsk

Finally, I found one pair of ripped jeans that are my liking and comes in discount clear stock too! Immediately I bought that pair of jeans and these 2 items are perfectly matched with each other!! I love that the knee ripped area is rugged and ripped enough and not the super big hole I always see from stores. 

Super pretty details and flowy ruffles design around me!

Our shooting at Cho Cha ended pretty well. Luckily there's not much of customer by the time we start shooting here. Although feel embarrassed that we keep making use of the space to do the shooting. Each of the photos is so worth it! 

Outfit Details

Top | Twmall 
Jeans | Lstudio
Fish Net Stocking | Taobao
Heels | Twmall

Hope to share more of this kind of weekend outfit to you guys! Stay Tuned.



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  1. you look so pretty in this outfit!!!

  2. You look good on this outfit oh~~
    Happy 60th post to your blog :)
    Walk extra milestone, can't wait to see your 100th post..

  3. Loving your awesome outfit.. you are just so super stylish....

  4. Loving your assemble and style.

  5. Really SWAG girl!! I love those shots with blurry leaves blocking too.


  6. very photogenic! keep up the good work Sharon!

  7. 要有漂亮的照片,首先须有个拍照技术棒的摄影师!

  8. Omg you look preetu in each photo.I wil nominate you as fashionista.

  9. Great OOTD!!! Keep it up the style - Racheal

  10. Like your outfit! every time surf your ig have surprise neh!

  11. bravo to your hubby. every pics are nice

  12. The photos are nice. I don't think I will dare wear the ripped jeans. Hehe...

  13. Beautiful set of photos - so many of them for just one outfit. If I were to choose my favourite filter, I also can't decide!! I don't think I can pull off the gingham top, though!

  14. Nice photo shoot. By the way, location?

  15. Hahaha the restaurant staff let you take photos of the whole restaurant? =D

  16. Your photos look nice. Love your outfit.

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