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Is my 60th post of my weekend post in my blog!! I've definitely used a lot of time and passion to maintain and keep this special segment on my blog. The determination and passion are something I would never give up especially to the things that I love. My weekend outfit post will be still going on strong in my post. Thanks to everyone who read and like my outfit I post and share on my blog here! Hope to bring more surprises outfit inspired look for you guys.

Today post is like the upgrade version of my weekend outfit because all the photos are taken from my hubby DSLR. For picture quality, it is really good and high quality too. Thanks to my hubby and hope for more fashion shoot with him again.
Finally I can write this fashion post, I have keep the post for 2 weeks and finally I can share with you guys! I have my first lookbook video by the end of the post. Hope you guys can read patiently until the end. This is my second ripped jeans and it was light denim color. The first ripped jeans I own is in dark denim color that I bring and wear it to Bangkok.

This time I want to get a light color denim ripped jeans and did a little DIY on this ripped jeans. I use pearls in different sizes and sew it on the jeans. I saw this design with pearls on the ripped jeans in Taiwan Outfit apps. I really love the design plus I also don't want waste too much money to buy cloths from Taiwan.

Finally I came across this online boutique - Blaqmagik  LVRS and they sell the ripped jeans with the color and design I want. I quickly bought it home and did a bit of DIY on it. Turns out I am quite happy with the result. I decide to come out with a video and lookbook series about this ripped jeans!