Time to update some weekend outfit post of the week. If you have been following my Instagram, you would have known that I changed my hair color! But there will be few weekend outfit post feature on my blog. Do check out my instagram.com/snowman_1314 for more live updates!

Frankly speaking last few weekends I haven't been really enjoying and shooting any weekend outfit. Last weekend was quite torturing for me as I suffer a headache and basically just rest whole day at home. My hubby has been working during the weekend too. With no one around and sick, it doesn't feel too good to enjoy my weekend this way.

Anyway, today outfit will be showering more ruffle love!! Previously I have shared a lot of slip dress and ruffles outfit recently on my blog. Today look is the mixture of both my favorite detail of the outfit. 

The color of the day is in pastel peachy color. Not my kind of color that I would wear out, but this color makes me look so fair and cute too. Therefore I decide to tie up my cute front hair bun again to complete this entire look.

Oh Ya, I even apply a peachy makeup to match my entire look too. You can read it here for more deets!

Since it was a dress and super flowy as well, I love to play with flowy dress especially I will turn around and let my dress flow beautifully around me. If you've been reading my weekend outfit post all the while, you will definitely see me in turning pose before when I wear a flowy dress!

Chilling and Posing.

Details of the dress. I am definitely not a girl who always wears a maxi dress around, it will just make me look short. But it depends on how you match it and find the right fitting maxi dress for yourself. However wearing this slip dress with a nice waist line design on it, it gives you an illusion of slim waist line. Plus I am not a super slim girl, but this dress covers up perfectly all my fats and makes me look slimmer!

The material of the dress is super comfy and light!! I love chiffon and chiffon to me was the best soft material as an outfit. It was so comfy, light, and smooth material too. It was really hard to say no to CHIFFON! They are so perfect!

My new small purse from Taobao. I already know that the bag will be quite small but not that I imagine that it will be so small. I can only fit my ID card, money, and phone. It was really inconvenient to me as I tend to bring a lot of stuff when I am heading out.

The Good
I have a new crush with peachy coral color
It makes me looks cheerful and fair
Ruffles are da best!
Flowy is so cute!

The Bad
Too long and draggy while I sit LOL

Outfit Tips
Find the correct Maxi Dress that makes you looks slimmer and taller!
Wear platforms or High heels!

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Dress | Twmall
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Taiwan


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  1. Lovely outfit.. You carry the dress so well.. Beautifully stunning!

  2. Aww! You look so cute! I love how flowy the dress is. Where is this place btw? No one at all, would be perfect for outfit shooting LOL

  3. The dress so sweet. Like the Peach colour and you look fair on this color.

  4. Love your dress. Color so sweet and look good on you.

  5. Lemme guess.. the bridge to Kidzania.. haha.. but babe, you look as joyful as a kid so should head on over to Kidzania... Hehehe

  6. Omg you look pretty The dress look good on you dear.

  7. You are right that this dress looks too loose but I like it as well! LOL Makes you look cute and carefree.

  8. I love its colour - certainly making you look cute and peachy too!

  9. Actually that's a cute dress :)
    I also love the peachy color!

  10. look so young and pretty! Nice fashion sense

  11. cute dress on you!!!! Love your outfit leh ~~~

  12. Awww!!! I love your sweet peach dress, its so flowy and feminine.