A short weekend outfit post on my blog! Feeling quite chill for this week but will be having a busy weekend ahead. I kinda enjoy days like this chilling but also being productive at the same time. This will be a short post on my outfit that I wore during Sunday worship time. 

Can't wait for the long weekend coming along, is the last public holiday weekend to enjoy~ October onwards till December will be super busy months ahead for me and my job!

There's nothing better to wear an outfit in Black and White during the Sunday Service at Church. Whenever I am lazy to think about what to wear or even what color to wear, black and white matching will be always on my top color matching. Plus monochrome always gives the formal color whenever you wear it too.

I've been wearing this black biker jacket for the longest time in the year 2017. I used to keep inside my wardrobe and not wearing this jacket. But I have been wearing this jacket during my Sunday serving time. I like that it gives that rocker mood on but also giving the formal look because of its collar too. Which I give a really high mark for this biker jacket!

*Thinking I should grab my formal outer from my own house soon*

Keeping everything mostly in black and white, even earrings are in silver too! Wearing one of my favorite white shirts inside and the black biker jacket to add a cooler and more texture onto my outfit. So that it doesn't stay just as formal white shirts, but it can be a little cooler and casual matching!

Time to diet especially for my fat belly. I need to stop craving for snacks before sleep!! I know wearing this skirt is somehow showing that ugly part of me but I don't really care. The crumple shirt tuck in is really is a mess too, haha!

 The skirt is in the checker's pattern and also designed in ruffles end too. The ruffles designed are really flowy so when you walk in this skirt, the ruffles will give the bouncy flow around you.

End my look with my favorite inspired black loafers to keep this outfit looking minimal and simple in monochrome! Loving my bucket bag for more casual and holiday mood.

Outfit Details

Top | H&M
Jacket | Blaqmagiklvrs
Skirt | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Nineteen89.co

Till Then.

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  1. I like your skirt but then I don't dare to wear it haha