Today I am gonna blog about my favorite cleansing oil that I have been using since last few weeks! I never imagine myself to try out cleansing oil as some of the face cleansing oil is really oily and I hate the greasy and oily feeling on my face when I used it. After I had used it myself, face cleansing oil is so much convenient and easy to use too. It saves your cost on cotton pad and wipes too. However, you may also need to be considerate some of the ingredients that your face cleansing oil has, today product Tropika Face Cleansing oil might be the product that you need!


TROPIKA is a family founded business that is passionate about natural health and well-being and aromatherapy. Utilizing the properties of nature and sourcing ingredients ethically, the business has developed a successful range of skincare and massage products.
They use high quality and natural ingredients of the mature kernel of coconuts. They process, blend, mix and turn them into our products. With ingredients in their most natural forms, TROPIKA products are safe, taste and look natural and retain high nutritional values.

What is TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil?

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil has an all-natural formula, comprising of high-quality Virgin Coconut Oil. It is an excellent cleansing option for all skin types, washes away excess sebum oil without drying the skin. The cleanser is formulated using VCO, Licorice Root Extract and Vitamin E. The unique combination with licorice extract helps to reduce fine lines and spots, and improve the skin tone. This special formulation is safe to use on sensitive skin too. 

3-in-1 functions
remove makeup

Design and Packaging

The bottle itself comes in 100ml and it also pretty lightweight when I hold it. It designed in a pump so that you can control the amount of the cleansing oil when you pump it.

Time to test it out on my hand!

I have eyeshadow color swatches on my hand now. Pump a few pumps onto my hand. The texture of the cleansing oil is so smooth and watery. It glides immediately after I pump on my hand.

Next, just simply massage the oil all over my hand. If you feel that the oil is drying up, you may add few drops of water and continue on massage until the makeup is removed.

Lastly, just wash it off with water. I can feel my hands so much smoother and the oil does not dry up my skin too. What's the ingredients of this product which make it so good to use?

Main Ingredients

There are 4 main ingredients in this TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil which are Virgin Coconut Oil, one of their main ingredients found in most of their products, Vitamin E, Licorice Root Extract, and Olive Oil Esters.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) - A great natural moisturizer. Contains lauric acid which is popular with its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, helping to keep pores clean and prevent blemishes. 

Vitamin E - Conditions the skin, great for diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.

Licorice Root Extract - Contains glabridin which helps to diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles, discoloration and age spots. Traditionally used for skin brightening. 

Olive Oil Esters - An additional cleansing agent which is safe to be used around the eyes. It offers anti-inflammatory properties and helps to curb the excessive production of oils. 

Now it's time to clean and nourish your skin with few simple steps.

1. Pump the appropriate amount of the cleansing oil needed for your face. I would suggest going for 3 to 4 pumps for the first round. If you feel that it was not enough you may add few pumps too.

2. Just apply onto your dry skin and gently massage the product all over your face.

3. Add a little water to create a milky emulsion and continue the massage. A close look at the cleansing oil on my face. My face is not over shine or oily with the cleansing oil still on my face. 

Makeup On

3. Lastly, just rinse thoroughly with water. 

After Results

I am definitely amazed and surprise with the after results of using TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil. I can feel my skin still so smooth and clean after rinse with just water!! No excessive sebum oil around my pores and most importantly it does not dry up my skin too! I still can feel my skin soft and moist. Not only that this product is safe to use on sensitive skin since it is Cruelty, Paraben, and Fragrance-FREE. TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil is also tested under dermatological control. 

The Good
Cruelty FREE
Paraben FREE
3 in 1 Functions
Remove excess sebum
Moist and smooth skin after used
Natural Ingredients
Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Perfect for Daily use

The Bad
For product usage wise is really up to my expectation. However since it lightweight, when I just accidentally kick it down on the floor. The cover actually cracks up which quite saddens me. 

Will I repurchase?
Yes, I will after I finish mine!

Where to get?

Till Then.

*Even though products were sent for review purpose, however it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.


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  1. sometimes i wonder, with so many products you've reviewed.. how do you choose which one to apply on to remove the makeup/ to cleanse your face? One each day? :P

  2. It my first seeing this product but its looks promising with the 3 in 1 function. Value for money too right?

  3. Is it suitable to remove eye makeup too?


  4. Wah so clean! I will consider purchasing this too when mine finish <3

  5. I am very excited to see your reaction using this product. I see your comfort in trying this product

  6. How gorgeous are you as skin care model! Encourages me to take care of my skin as well. Thank you.

  7. Maybe I should try this too. Got a bit sien with Biore.

  8. I have tried and known many facial cleanser. Never heard of this Tropika Face cleansing Oil, this looks so interesting product. I love its natural Ingredients, this product is something I should check.

    1. Yes! I love it's natural coconut oil ingredients too!

  9. With my combi/oily skin, I wonder if it is a good idea to use cleansing oil. I never tried before because I am afraid my skin gets messed up again.

    1. Try out cleansing oil which are more organic and soothing to use for combi/oily skin!

  10. looks like a pretty great product... would love to try it out....

  11. I have started cleansing my face using cleansing oil 3-4 years ago. It's really more effective in removing make-up compared to milk and liquid cleanser.

    1. Right!! I been thinking to start using face cleansing oil too =)

  12. i find this amazing and I wan to have that one too!!


  13. I read so many positive reviews about this product, plan to give it a try as well :)

  14. i am easily sold at anything that is multifunctional and gets the job done with A+ efforts...will give this a try for sure..once mine is finished.