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Today I am gonna blog about my favorite cleansing oil that I have been using since last few weeks! I never imagine myself to try out cleansing oil as some of the face cleansing oil is really oily and I hate the greasy and oily feeling on my face when I used it. After I had used it myself, face cleansing oil is so much convenient and easy to use too. It saves your cost on cotton pad and wipes too. However, you may also need to be considerate some of the ingredients that your face cleansing oil has, today product Tropika Face Cleansing oil might be the product that you need!


TROPIKA is a family founded business that is passionate about natural health and well-being and aromatherapy. Utilizing the properties of nature and sourcing ingredients ethically, the business has developed a successful range of skincare and massage products.
They use high quality and natural ingredients of the mature kernel of coconuts. They process, blend, mix and turn them into our products. With ingredients in their most natural forms, TROPIKA products are safe, taste and look natural and retain high nutritional values.

Hello, today will blog about a recent makeup remover I've been using. I believe you guys have heard of makeup remover oil, makeup remover wipes, makeup remover lotion. Today product is a remover lotion but is also an upgraded version of makeup remover lotion. Not only it helps remove makeup, but also helps protect and moisture our skin.

This product is available in Taiwan and receives a lot of compliment and reviews from customers and even model too. Let's read on to see the products benefit and function.