Finally, I've managed to squeeze some time for this week weekend outfit. I will be really super busy coming weeks. I really hope that I can get some rest as much as possible and clear all the pending post as well. 

For this outfit, I definitely spend some time edit and plan the layout. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if you like it too!

It has been so long since I wear a skirt out. A skirt can be inconvenient for me because I am just not so-considerate when I am wearing a skirt. However, I love how this skirt has me looks flattering and feminine when I wear it. Khaki color matching is never been easy, but actually khaki is also a color that matches easily with any colors too. 

I am wearing a navy stripes button-up shirt to match with my khakis pleated skirt. This look is really casual and yet sophisticated as well. It's a new try for me I can say. Details on the skirt are flattering, with the pleated designs on the bottom of the skirt. With a pair high heels walking around with the skirt, it will be really sexy and flattering.

To balance on the sexiness of the skirt, I wear a really casual smart shirt on top to gives a tone down smart and sexy look. I never knew that this matching is really so pretty and feminine. Also, I try out a different style of shooting, I love that the photos show more portraits side of my weekend outfit too.

This pair of heels definitely has been my favorite pair since it was really chic and rugged as well. I bought it a long time ago from Zalora. It will appear also in more of my weekend outfit look. Today look is another new try for me and for photos wise I really try my best to shoot more style like this. Is not easy as there's not much background and are for me to shoot like this. I hope you guys like this look and the photos here!

Outfit Details

Top | Own Wardrobe
Skirts | Dreamscape
Heels | Zalora  

Till Then.


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  1. love ur outfit, u look so pretty dear <3

  2. Love your ruffle minis. That combination totally gorgeous match!

  3. I love the khakis coloured skirt and how you paired it with a shirt. It does look sophisticated

  4. My eyes go straight to the heels! That is one beautiful and sexy looking pumps you have there! Certainly levitate the looks!

  5. You look so beautiful wearing that gorgeous outfit. I love your style, and your cute shoes is calling my name!

  6. looking gorgeous and oh so chic as usual.......

  7. Nice outfit and really suitable for you. I like the heels too.

  8. Love your ootd and did help me to improve my styling as well.. please share more so I can learn more


  9. Love your look. Different from your usual style, I can tell. Skirts are difficult for me as well when I travel so much. I love them but not so practical for me.