Finally, my weekend outfit is back! In today post, I will 2 of my casual jean look for the past weeks. Can't really decide which outfit I like the most, but both of the looks is my go-to jeans look whenever I go to out. However, if I am headed for review I will choose more fancy tops with special details to match my jeans. 

Another thing I notice is that I do not have many shorts for me to wear during the weekend too, but I just bought from Taobao last few weeks though. Can't wait to try it!

My first look will be a really stripey top and jeans. Not forget also my bucket bag that is made with rattan. With it big space storage, it will be my must bring item when I go out.

I love this tops as it has a special ruffles spot on the sleeves itself. Not sure why but this top made me fall in love at first sight. I love that the ruffles flow around my elbow area. Making it looks really cute and pretty! The top material is in knit design and it's color stripes such as blue, red, and white stripes. It was somehow my favorite stripes pairing too!

Accessories-wise I just wear my favorite hoop earrings and my crystal pendant necklace.

Since this look is rather simple and casual. To complete this look, not only that I wear accessories but I also I grab my favorite inspired Gucci belt and loafers too. Basically, I just love all the pairing all together in this outfit.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Pants | Taobao
Bags | Taobao
Belt and Shoes |

For the next outfit, it will be more to a chunky and rugged style with my favorite pair of ripped jeans. This outfit it will have a lot of details that I really love also.

I rarely got something red for myself. This red top with the knotted belt on the waist is so freaking pretty. It was really hard to not fall in love with it. It was more red wine color which is still acceptable and I can't believe that I start to fall in love with the red color outfit too.

In this outfit, I also choose some really funky earrings, such as the Simpsons earrings and this vintage yellow sunglasses. It was also very fun to play with accessories to spice out your entire outfit. Since I have clean up my accessories box, I start to wear more accessories as well.

Since I am not very slim or tall girl, I match the top with my favorite ripped jeans to give more rugged and stylish look. Also, I wear my recently favorite gladiator's heels to complete this look. This look is more to a more edgy style with the crop top and high waist jeans. There are also some unique elements such as the waist crochet details and the ripped jeans.

Outfit Details

Top | Hutz Fashion
Jeans | Lstudio_
Heels | Zalora

That's all for my weekend outfit update! 
Till Then.



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  1. i like the ripped jeans! love love heheh

  2. Wao... Love your ootd so much and so stylish!!


  3. Last time i used and love to wear jeans, now cannot b'coz dah gemuk x cantik pakai..hehehe. All my jeans i give to my daughter

  4. Never experience shooping at taobau, is it good ? Will try it someday :) btw nice outfit !

    1. Yes dear!! So addicting to shopping there =P thanks!!

  5. yeng, only fashionable folks like you can pull off a simpsons earring.. hehe :) nice!

  6. I like the first outfit best! It does bring the casual wear and it looks so comfortable.

  7. You slayed with those outfits! I love girls who are adventurous and not afraid to explore with the accessories. Be different and be unique!

  8. You look good in both outfit. When you wear torn jeans, you look more playful

  9. Your outfit looks good on you. I like the red top with knotted belt.

  10. I think either outfit looks relaxing and stylish. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Wowo!! Love both your jeans styles sharing here : ) Especially how to pair with the tops of each too. Hmm...Would love to own one of the ripped jean too
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. I am so envious of you that you can wear clothes bought from Taobao. I can't fit into them, or they are too large. Your Simpsons earrings are too cute, lah!

  13. I am so jelly.. you always look good in practically anything you wear

  14. You always look so cute Sharon! I like your straw bag and loafers :)

  15. My sister got no confident to shop at taobao because of the comments. After showing your post to her, she's now love shopping at taobao and gain her confident back. Thank you for your article and she's now a fan of u too ��