It was not easy to think of the theme for my weekend outfit each time when I blog about it. But for this theme, it just gives the vibes of relaxing and lazy vibes about this outfit. Therefore, it was a lazy swag outfit I love to wear when I don't feel like spending extra energy on dressing up.

All the shots here all really candid and simple as well. Even when I feel lazy to dress up, you can always add some extra details to your outfit too. Examples such as some swag and pretty accessories, bow or ribbon to accessories and other more.

I love the vibes of this outfit. The greyish blue tone for this overall look, it gives the relaxing and lazy vibes. I really love how I match the whole outfit together, with a greyish blue tone top and navy culottes. 

The top is really cute in terms of the ribbon tie on both the shoulder. Both of the white straps are being sewed on, you need to tie together into a cute ribbon bow. For the color tone wise, it gives the mature and lazy vibes of the whole outfit. My first time with this color on and I can't deny that the color looks really nice on me! I fall in love with this greyish blue tone color of my top.

I would live to gives a max 5 stars on the comfy level for this whole outfit. The top designed in off-shoulder but it adds a ribbon strap on it. The off-shoulder stays on the whole day without awkwardly goes up your shoulder. Culottes? The most comfortable pants I ever wear and own!! 

Normally people will recommend wearing something tight and slim if you are wearing a loose top. But I did not pair with my leggings or jeans instead, I opt for my new navy culottes that give a slimmer and taller look. I am wearing my favorite pairs of blue mules to complete my whole outfit of the day.

Just want to do a shout out of my makeup of the day. Oh Ya! Do you notice the beautiful butterfly on my neck, it was a necklace but design in a transparent chain. From far, you can't really see there's the chain on it and it looks really pretty and dreamy!

Brown Sunset look. I love the transition of my eye makeup and also the rose gold as a highlighter for my eye and face! Also my lipstick too! I always have something for nudes brownish lip color. My kind of MLBB color.

End my post here with this funny candid pose of mine! Am I performing in opera or? 

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Taobao
Butterfly Necklace | Taobao
Mules | Charles & Keith

Till then.

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  1. beautiful clothes can be also be beautiful even at low budget type. It looks good on you!