OMG I'm back with my weekend outfit post!! It's been 10 days since I posted, talk about holidays and festive in this month of December. I have been so freaking busy on the entire weekend in the month of December. I do not have time to visit malls and take photos with the pretty Christmas decoration like I always do it every year. Can't you believe I only visit malls and take photos after Christmas is over? 

I'm glad that I survive my work life and clearing leave for this whole week. Yet I do not have enough time to rest and clear my pending post and tasks like cleaning room etc. Seriously having this love-hate relationship like catching up with friends or doing my own stuff, and working from home!? Can I have one more week to clear my leave?

A very short and quick post about my weekend outfit! I really post and updates my outfit here on my blog because I can share some my personal stuff and about my life too! If you would want to keep on eye on what happened in my daily "boring" life, remember to follow my Instagram here!

For this dress outfit, I wear during my dining experience at Shook! KL! It was a really special piece that it was designed in a bomber jacket but it was in a dress form. It catches my eyes for the first time when I saw it. This has the zipper in front and waist rubber details on the waist too.

It has a really vintage and retro color I like too! Green, Yellow, and Peach with Black color is the main color of the dress. It was a cool and retro piece which I really like. Have you ever see a bomber jacket designed in a dress? Since I been a fan of a bomber jacket as well, seeing this is the must-buy item for me.

The con is that this dress is too short for me which I didn't expect it at all. So you will have to wear inner pants underneath the dress. It does make me feel uncomfortable since I am always a free and easy girl. I guess I won't wear this anymore since it was so insecure and too short for me.

Nevertheless, I love the coolness and retro of this dress! It gives the retro cool look and in the meantime to be girly and feminine with the dress design.

Outfit Details

Dress | POET (Facebook)

Till Then.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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