Another fresh BFF outfit post featuring my BFF Shin May! I just noticed that our last outfit post together is exactly one year ago. You can read our first-weekend post together in this post here

In this post, we feature more outfit ideas for you and your BFF in Day and Night style. For the first outfit style, it was a more to casual day look and the second outfit style, it was a girls night out look together.

For the Day look, both of our tops come in similar designed but on Shin May (left) hers is more feminine style and as for me my top is more to rugged style. But both are equally casual enough to match it together. 

Love this sweet moment when Shin May adjusting my earrings.

Not sure what are we posing and dreaming here.

My top comes in black contrast which makes the outfit cooler and more sporty. Ended up I just match it with my black shorts and black boots. As for Shin May top, hers is more to white and blue color her overall tone is more to neutral and simple tone. She can easily match with any white and soft color bags or bottom.

On Shin May
Top | Taobao

On Me
Top | Taobao
Bottom | Taobao

Our selfie of the day. 

The second outfit is the girls night outfit that you can always wear with your BFF! A simple black dress gives the minimal and the easiest matching outfit you can wear with your friend. Both of our dress has it own special details that I would like to show you guys.

Tha yellow background makes our simple black dress outfit looks more stand out and prettier. I love this few shots with this plain yellow background.

Shin May's black dress comes with 2 straps and design in this pretty princess flowy bottom. For mine, I get it like years back and been keeping it in my wardrobe. This is a one straight piece dress but comes in super high lit design up on my thigh. It was a sexy and cooler design. Both of us has the same design black heels so we might as well just pairing it up with our simple black dress style.

Overall both styles are pretty to match and play with your BFF. 

1. Try to look for similar design top but it has different elements
2. Color hue can be the same but can have some different tone 
3. Simple is the Best!

On Shin May
Dress | Taobao

On Me
Dress | My Own 

Gaining a lot of weight recently and it was so hard to actually keep myself away from snack and cold drinks. I hope that I have that enough determination to stay away from all these junk foods for coming months with festive celebration coming soon. Wish me luck!

Thanks, Shin May again for the shot together! We have so much fun and sweat out a lot during the shot together. Hope there's more in the future.

Till Then


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  1. Oh I love it more the second style
    Beautiful photos

  2. I have always love your OOTD pictures - always stylish and on-point! I love the black dress especially. Hehe

  3. matching outfits for bff.. so lovely and nice.. sweetnya!

  4. Lovely and pretty good outfit . You clearly said with your pics . Liked it.

  5. What a beautiful set of photos with lovely memories created with BFF! I love the black dresses better than the daywear. If you had taken them at night, would look very elegant.

  6. good sharing on OOTD.. is a great things to share with ppl who is not good in dressing up.. especially me


  7. Such nice pics and lovely girls woo... huhuhu.. nice outfits also

  8. You both looks so beautiful in your outfits. Your unique blouse looks stylish and perfect for everyday use.

  9. OMG! all the shots look amazing! I always wish to have some BFF shots with Chency tho haha! Will plan for it soon!

  10. Both of you look so great! I enjoyed viewing your ootd post. Can you make a post about your BFF adventures?

    1. I didn't really have something to write about it. But doing a video shooting might be good!

  11. I love your black dress, babe! <3