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JUMPER Edition Swaggers BFF Outfit #82

OMG Guys finally I am able to write this outfit post that 3 of us Swaggers shoot an OOTD look together! I love all the photos we took together in this post, don't mind me if there are more photos than words compare to my usual post. Because all photos are too nice that I choose which to remove!

For the jumper that we bought together is from Jaya One where we got it from the bargain corner which cost less than RM20. It was such a pretty and swag jumper with wash army green color. It was a rare gem that we found and able to get it 3 and with a really cheap and worth bargain!

Will you prefer to see a more bright color outfit or cooler toner outfit? I remember I did tone down effect for all the photos but I couldn't found it in my laptop. Guess it was in the other laptop, hopefully!

What are they both doing behind of me lol!

Both of them so fierce and my expression I was like not giving a shit to anyone

Some of my single shots! Thanks for the shoots from Nicole boyfriend.

Didn't think much of what to match with this green jumper. The best combination to wear is always whites and surprisingly white color inner top looks really nice with the jumper. I even pair it with my white sneakers and hat too!

My first time with trolley! I am glad that we are able to find a really cool parking lot with a lot of props for us to complete our shooting too.  Since it was raining cats and dogs outdoor and somehow ruined our mood to shoot. But still, we manage to pull it through too! Definitely a fun experience with the girls!

Love love these few shots too! It definitely shouts the swagness out of me. Thanks to Shin May the photographer.

About the jumper, it was the comfiest and nicest jumper I ever try on! The strap is not the traditional kind of jumper strap and also I freaking love the pocket too which is so big that it can fit my handphone easily. I love also the ripped part of the knee area which gives another bonus details for this jumper! I never know I can so much in love with this jumper.

Lastly, I want to shout out to my favorite girls Shin May and Nicole for more friendship years to come! Love this last photos of us smiling so pretty in front of the camera. Hope we can do this until we grow old together alright.

Outfit Details

JayaOne (Check out their BARGAIN area)

Till Then.

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  1. Yesss hope we can do more soon!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. You guys look great and I'm loving the color of your overalls outfit! By the way what is the camera brand that your friend used because the quality of the photos are nice!

    1. There's two cameras that we use though! We have Olympus and DSLR as well =)

  3. The jump suit is really nice for you. Like your style

    1. Thanks dear!! Everyone looking good with it =)

  4. That green jumper looks so stylish and cute when it wore. You all look so beautiful.

  5. hehe you guys looks cute! that jumper look comfy enough! not bad! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. wow wonderful pictures and nice pose by the way.. regards from Quora Gaffer

  7. Cantiknya , harga pun murah ..

  8. woww.. so nice.. i love the color.. and you look nice wearing it

    1. Thanks babe!! I never know that the color look nice on me XD

  9. All of you look great in jumpers. I never tried wearing one before.

    1. Me too! Never know that it looks great though hehe

  10. OMG you three are totally #squadgoals! I love your jumper and you nailed this shoot!

  11. Honestly, green is not my favourite colour but you gals really pulled through with so much green! I love jumpers as well but haven't found one that suits me comfortably. Always something wrong somehow.

    1. Me too!! I never know that it was so comfy and nice to wear =P

  12. 3 of you looks a like! Like the group photo so much!


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