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Bana Hills is a must-visit place when you visit Danang. It was a famous tourist place, and a lot of K-pop group actually film here too. We plan the Bana Hills trip while we plan for our Danang trip. Guess what booking via KKday makes things a lot easier too. Plus since we are all girls on this trip, sometimes is really hard to plan a trip because we will consider whether the tour is safe or worth it or not. But with Kkday, you can plan your tour with no trouble and with guided English tour too. Do join me for the rest of my post to check out what we do at Bana Hills.

Miss my Vietnam trip so much with my swaggers. I still remember the first day fun day we had during our Coconut Boat Tour experience. At first, I didn't think of wanted to join this Coconut Boat Tour, but after I tried it I really want to share this fun experience to you guys!

You no longer need to visit 2D cafe in Korea now, because in Malaysia we have our own 2D cafe and I bet is way cooler than in Korea. Another series of swaggers BFF shots at the cafe too! Since the cafe is all in black and white, we wearing monochrome outfits to match the cafe. Let's start with all the photos spamming!

Another BFF outfit series up on my blog!  This time we really did purposely buying this series of BFF outfit wear from Taobao and did a really short photoshoot with my favorite swaggers again. Luckily we still manage to catch up before our trip and also before Shin May flies off.

OMG Guys finally I am able to write this outfit post that 3 of us Swaggers shoot an OOTD look together! I love all the photos we took together in this post, don't mind me if there are more photos than words compare to my usual post. Because all photos are too nice that I choose which to remove!