Miss my Vietnam trip so much with my swaggers. I still remember the first day fun day we had during our Coconut Boat Tour experience. At first, I didn't think of wanted to join this Coconut Boat Tour, but after I tried it I really want to share this fun experience to you guys!


Since we have a total of three people, we are separate to two boats. Total of three people includes the boatman. It is still pretty scary when we first sit on the boat, but after a while, you will feel comfortable sitting inside. 

Some of the photos I took when I am on the boat. They will also stop and allow you to take some photos too. When we are preparing for our Basket Boat Tour, there are also a lot of people there joining the tour too.

During this Basket Boat Tour, we also received this cute woven grass made rings made by our boatman. Can you guess what's the pattern they did for me? Aren't they look really dainty and cute as well!

We also have the chance to watch the basket boat performance. It was a really fun and happening performance where everyone surrounds together and watches the performance. The entire ambiance is really happy and happening where there is music when they did the performance too. 

After the performance, we have the chance to try crab fishing as well. There are a lot of small crabs around the shore area. It was a fun experience where we trying the fish up the crab, but they keep trying to run away. Not easy to do it, but it is a fun experience to try it in real life.

I really enjoy myself in this serenity where this quiet village is really peaceful.  Although the weather is really hot, we are still able to enjoy this fun basket boat experience. Be sure to apply sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated throughout this 45 minutes boat tour. If you are booking through KKday, you will get yourself a water bottle too. So you can stay hydrated too! 

Some of the photos we took during this Basket boat trip. We stop by in one of the side shore and they happily take a photo of us three together too. Since all three of us has been separated into two boats, but they still let us sit together in one boat and take some nice group photo. 

Not forget during the end of our tour, we get to enjoy some basket boat performance by our own boatman. It was so funny to see both of them panic and spinning in the basket boat. 

After the entire basket boat tour, feeling a little hungry. Booking your Basket Boat Tour with KKday includes a nice simple local Vietnamese-style noodles - Cao Lau, and also a cup of really nice Vietnamese Coffee to try.

All of us love the Vietnamese Coffee that they prepare. 

See my happy face while enjoying the food.

If you also want to experience this Basket Tour Experience when you are at Hoian be sure to check out KKday website. I like how they have prepared us with a really nice welcome and let us enjoy the life of a local, not forget about the yummy Vietnamese noodle and coffee included in this tour. We really enjoy ourself a lot, and missing the coffee and this entire Basket Boat Tour experience. Nevertheless, I will really highly recommend this tour for those who are looking for some fun Basket Boat Tour experience at Hoian. Check out the tour here.

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  1. Thank you bring me to Vietnam. Kalau ke sana bolehla try naik basket boat dan try makanan vietnam

  2. 3 of you wearing the same color. So pretty. That place looks amazing and the boat yes looks like scary but it must be a great experience to try it. I wish i come there 1 day.

  3. So cute lah naik boat tu tak bahaya ker kalau tak pakai jaket keselamatan hehehehe buat seronok sangat tengok u naik I want go to Vieatnam to on my travel bucket list this year...

  4. Fuhhh... Menarik laaa dok atas basket boat tu. Tapi tetiba ngeri tengok persembahan basket boat tu. Then....
    Lagi ngeri tengok awak and friend pun ada sama dalam basket boat pusing -pusing tu. Salute laaa... Berani!
    Kota save bookmark nak try cuti kat sini dan feel pengalaman naik basket boat jugak

  5. Seronoknya naik bot tu. tapi sis takutlah dia pusing-pusing macam tu, kalau jatuh macam mana? Btw, the colorful sgt fit dgn kaler kat situ. Sangat cantik! Next ke vietnam nak cuba naik dan pergi sini.

  6. wow bestnya. a beautiful part of vietnam and non busy place. so calm and very feel Vietnamese.

  7. thanks for sharing! looks like a great experience ever. might go there someday <3

  8. Wow! Great experience and enjoyable holiday! I never go to vietnam. One day might be my turn. Vietnam have a very nice and beautiful place and view to explore.

  9. Hi nice sharing here. :) looking forward to see more sharing from you.

  10. Such a nice trip experience! Especially the woven grass handmade art ring and grasshopper! Love it!

  11. Oh my this is so fun, the last time i went to Hoi An i did not try this basket boat tour.