Bana Hills is a must-visit place when you visit Danang. It was a famous tourist place, and a lot of K-pop group actually film here too. We plan the Bana Hills trip while we plan for our Danang trip. Guess what booking via KKday makes things a lot easier too. Plus since we are all girls on this trip, sometimes is really hard to plan a trip because we will consider whether the tour is safe or worth it or not. But with Kkday, you can plan your tour with no trouble and with guided English tour too. Do join me for the rest of my post to check out what we do at Bana Hills.

What to do in Ba Na Hills?

✔️Hop on one of the world’s best cable car experiences up to Ba Na Hills. 
✔️Visit Linh Ung Pagoda, a peaceful temple featuring a huge statue of Lady Bodhisattva.
✔️Stroll through the charming French Village with European inspired architecture.
✔️Let loose at Fantasy Park a large indoor entertainment park featuring rides, 4D and 5D cinemas.
✔️Enjoy a fully included lunch at Morin Restaurant, serving local and international cuisine.
✔️Cross the newly renovated Golden Bridge held by the hand of the Buddha

KKday tour includes the transport back and forth from your hotel, two rounds cable car ticket go up and down, entrance ticket, lunch and basically in Bana Hills, there's a lot of attraction that is free of charge so you basically do not worry about extra charges needed.


The queue, to be honest, is really tiring and exhausted while we are waiting for the cable car turns to go up to Bana Hills. Due to the peak season of Korea having summer break, basically you can see Koreans everywhere and they really like to travel to Danang too. If you wish to avoid the peak season, you can avoid coming during Korea summer break.

The cable car itself is self equip with all the info you needed when you go up to Bana Hills. So please feel free to scan the QR code for more info or take some of the pamphlets too.

Beautiful view while we take our first cable car up to Bana Hills.

We are lucky because we have one extra passenger onboard and he is kind enough to help us take photos!

and of course selfie!

For our first stop, we have around 1-2 hours here for taking photos around Golden Hand Bridge and to be honest we definitely spend way more time here. The crowds here at Golden Hand Bridge is way so crowded, is really hard to find the perfect photo corner to take a nice photo.

So we did manage to find the perfect spots to take photos with the golden hand bridge. Not easy but I still love the outcome!

Some of the selfies too! Can you guys notice the crowds behind, it was really crazy!

We still manage to capture two of the Signature Golden Hand. Love Xiaoyi cam with wide-angle function.


Due to we spend too much time at the Golden Hand Bridge, we didn't manage to go to Linh Ung Pagoda where you can see the Buddha head from afar from my photo. But still, we manage to visit the flower garden, where it was really pretty and feel really refresh while you are surrounded by the flowers.

Taking the second cable car ride to the top now, where we are close to the French Village and more fun activities ride you can enjoy in Ba Na Hills.

We enjoy our lunch here at Le Louvre Restaurant, where it serves varieties of cuisine from China, Japanese, Korean, Western and also Traditional Vietnamese food.

The restaurant is really packed during lunchtime. The food serving quite delicious too.

The map around Ba Na Hills. The KKday tour provides us map for us to explore around Bana Hills too. Besides that, the tour guide, Linh is also nice to explain to us which is their best attraction to visit when you are in Ba Na Hills. 


We are welcome by a performance by the beautiful band girl once we enter the gate after our lunch.

The weather at Ba Na Hills is really very cooling and calm. Definitely better weather than when we are at Danang. The French Village is very pretty and I like all the details of the building where it comes with glass,  statue, and brick.

Love this Bana World statue where is the representative of Bana Hills.

Thanks to the Auntie around that help us take this lovely group photo of all of us. Love this group photos of us!

Next, we go up to the Pagoda at the end of Ba Na Hills. It was quite tiring that we need to walk until the end and top of the Pagoda.

However the view on top is amazing, You can enjoy the 360-degree view of Ba Na Hills when you are at the top of the Pagoda.

I'm glad that the weather at Ba Na Hills is really nice and not too hot as well. So that we can enjoy as much as we can while we are at Ba Na Hills.

We also saw one band performance at Ba Na Hills.

If you are still hungry after lunch, you can also have a tea break at the cafe nearby, they even have a beer factory for tourist to enjoy some beer time in the cool weather.

Saw this mirror that a lot of people stop and take a selfie photo in front of this big mirror.

My favorite tourist pose when I am at Ba Na Hills. 

You also can visit their indoor amusement park which is Fanstatic Park, it comes with three levels and is free of charge for all the games there. Too bad due to short of time, we didn't wait and enjoy the game inside.


Make sure you drop by and it is a family-friendly place where the games are suitable for kids too.

Although we didn't get to play some of the games in Ba Na Hills, definitely will come back again to try out, but we really enjoy the view and ambiance here. Ba Na Hills are indeed heavy influence from French, where you can see a lot of building there are all French Inspire. It literally feels like you are not actually at Vietnam to enjoy the cool weather and the view.

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