Yeay I have been posting weekend outfits more often. I realize that even on my Instagram I've posted less #sharonootd too! Hopefully, I can do this weekend post by weekly too. By means, I will have to be really hard working to makeup and wear nicely on weekend too. 

Changing is always hard and I always hate changes. When I first started to stand on stage to sing on stage, I always feel reluctant but each time I just tell myself I can do it. However, the feeling will become devasted and I will feel stress again. I am not sure that whether I totally belong there or do I really have what it takes to be there....

Today will be a short weekend outfit post update as well. The entire weekend looks really simple with simple white word tee and a skort that comes in my favorite pattern. When I first wearing this skort, I wear it for consequences weeks. It was so comfy and the cutting making me looks so slim as well. From far it looks like a mini skirt for me, but when you look from behind it was actually a skort. I simply just love the unique details of this skort!

Whenever I am wearing a skirt or a short, I will definitely wear my favorite platform to elongate my entire look. It was the comfiest platform that I ever wear. Couldn't stop loving this platform as well which it was less than RM50 from Taobao and really nice to wear it!

Close details of my top. Nowadays everyone loves a simple white tee, it was so comfy and nice to match with any kind of bottom. I love the minimalist design of a simple word or quote on a white tee. Since I am a big fan of a tee, I wouldn't mind grabbing more tees for myself too! Compare to the other tees I bought from Taobao, this material is not full cotton but for me, the quality is good enough. It does not make me feel uncomfortable. Most importantly the material also quite thick and not transparent.

Four little Gold button in the front to add little pretty details on the skort! Not only that it also comes with a small front pocket for you too. I am loving this gingham skort and how versatile it is!

Lastly, I hope that I can conquer the fear inside my heart! I need to be more confident and be bold in whatever I do. God had already made plans ahead for us. Have faith and Trust in him!

Outfit Details

All from Taobao

Till Then.

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  1. Oh very cute outfit, cute skirt

  2. Such a great outfit.. looks so stylish and young! Love the way you wear it... looks good on you!

  3. nice fashion, skirt tuh kak lily suka lah cantik

  4. The skirt reminds me of the Scottish kilt. Very classy and looks pleasing too. The front pocket has a cute zing to it. Nice!

  5. I like your weekend outfits! You are so stylish Sharon :)
    Keep on posting ootd!

  6. Cantik , sesuai dengan u .. just simple but nice

  7. Badan slim pakai apa pun canti, kalau sis pakai..fuhh lari orang tengok..hahaha. Nanti nak slim kan badan semula lah, jeles tengok orang pakai baju cantik-cantik

  8. I love your outfit. It’s not too heavy. Just simple but looking so nice and stunning.

  9. Thank you for taking the trouble with OOTD shots! I know it's not easy to coordinate your outfit, plus look for really IG-worthy spots to shoot. Even though this t-shirt is simple, when all put in together, the results are fantastic.

    1. Yes!! Just have to blame it on my OCD mood hahaha Thanks for your support, Emily!

  10. potongan yang cantik skirt...sesuai digayakan oleh anak gadis remaja....nampak kasual dan cantik sekali...pasti ramai yang menyukai design skir ini..

  11. You really make a lot of effort to share your weekend ootd here. I always don't dress up nicely during weekend. Lol

  12. Memang cantik you pakai..nampak santai and selesa