Can't believe time passes so fast that I almost hit my one year anniversary of my marriage! We are gonna celebrate our one year anniversary this coming Sunday. Although I won't be expected anything it was really a nice and sweet memory of that day. Can't believe I actually married for almost a year now, not expecting any babies at the moment. I guess we are both not ready for it!

Back to today weekend outfit post with a really calm nude tone for my entire weekend outfit look.

Today outfit is kinda formal compared to other outfits I share here on my blog. I didn't plan for this outfit is just how everything just matches together in one outfit. The top I got it in white color as well because I just love to wear a white top. This rose gold shade is not the color that I got so I got two colors with the same top for myself.

To complete the look, I wear one of my neutrals plaids bottom to match the rose tone and my favorite nude heels too! Since I am not a tall girl, wearing heels when I wear pants helps to elongate my entire look.

A close look at my top, love the two details buttons which are really minimal and unique! It was quite loose from the side, you will need to wear singlet or tube inside whenever you wear this top. Material wise is really comfy and soft too! I didn't wear any accessories also for this outfit, just keep it simple as possible =)

That's all with my Rose Nude outfit. I hope you guys like something this tone down kind of color outfit. It was a formal outfit but I love how the soft tone town color to make it more feminine and casual.

Outfit Details
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Shoes |

Till Then.


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  1. Happy anniversary to you! You are always look great! Blooming as well.

  2. First thing first happy anniversary to you. The hue that you have chosen truly does complement your complexion. :)

  3. Nice outfit.. look suit for you.. i like seluar tu.. nampak cantik with the color

  4. Your top actually matches your heels. I like how a simple art exhibition makes your outfit stand out, with all the colours behind. Well done, Sharon!